A visit to Sedge Mat Villages in Nga Son District, Thanh Hoa Province

A tranquil and picturesque district in Thanh Hoa Province, Nga Son is crowned as one of the most beautiful rural areas in Vietnam. Besides the splendid view of primitive simplicity, these sedge mat villages here are a nice place for visitors on their Vietnam countryside tours for family to experience the simple lifestyles as well as explore their ancestors’ craft.

Overview of Nga Son District


A chance to know more about Vietnamese handicraft

Nga Son District has 8 craft communes located along the coast. Among them, 4 communes: Nga Lien, Nga Tien, Nga Thanh, and Nga Thuy are the main sedge mat suppliers with hundreds of households, most of which have weaved sedge mats from generations to generations and supplied hundreds of pairs of sedge mats each day to the market.

Various stages of mat making, from spinning and dying to drying and weaving require thousands of farmers. And two people engage in the weaving process – one is responsible for controlling these fibres of jutes up and down rhythmically to design the pattern and the other accounts for inserting the sedges into the space between these fibres of jutes.

A hand-made sedge mat is a well-known local craft since the ancient time in Nga Son Village, Thanh Hoa coastal province. These mats are made from a type of tree called sedge grown in the village of Nga Son. Moreover, thanks to this land’s soil condition, sedge found in Nga Son is always believed to have the best quality. The main material in mat weaving – sedge grass is easy to be grown in this land and gives high productivity. With modern developments, many hand-made mats are being replaced by artificial plastic mats flooding the markets and their folk craft is thereby vanishing. However, nothing can replace the authentic sedge mats.


Nga Son’s masterpiece

What sets these well-known products of this coastal land apart from other mats? It is their shining and soft seductive beauty with hundreds of perfect color mixing picture from the yarns of green, red, purple, and yellow sedge and their excellent features – cool in summer and warm in winter. Moreover, they also symbolize the happiness of couples and link their users to Vietnamese age-old tradition and heritage which attract many tourists to go on their essential Vietnam tour. These perfect hand-made masterpieces are the result of patience and experience.

Folk Customs

People in Nga Son are friendly and hospitable. In spite of busy weaving beautiful mats all day long, they are always more than happy to invite guests to drink two cups of tea and tell them their interesting stories.

Local habit of life

When it now comes to the habits of life, apart from celebrating the Mai An Tiem Festival (which takes place from the 12th to the 14th day of the 3rd lunar month), they also spend an occasion of Tien Temple Festival (which is held from the 14th to the 16th day of the 3rd lunar month).

How to Get There

Nga Son Village is around 40 kilometers to the East-North of Thanh Hoa Province. Visitors can have a 45-minute motorcycle ride from the province center to this village, which still preserves the typical features of Vietnamese rural areas in the past.

Best Time to Visit


Best time to visit

The best time to visit Nga Son village on your Vietnam countryside tours is during its harvest season – the soul of all Vietnamese villages (within July and August). It is a great chance to admire a vast blue of the sedges hidden in the village, see the animation of the local residents gathering together busy harvesting sedge, the exciting images of a lot of sedge harvested and taken from the fields to the yards of each family, farmers happily reaping the fruits of their labor after three-month hard working and relaxing on the edge of rice fields to enjoy fresh air, and feel the vitality of the countryside with ancestors’ craft.

Tips: Where to buy authentic sedge mats in Nga Son Village?

There are plenty of places to buy sedge mats in Nga Son District in Thanh Hoa Province. Travelers on their Vietnam group tour can find these wonderful handicrafts sold in the large workshops of many co-operatives and enterprises like Viet Trang.

A land full of mysterious harmony, Nga Son District in Thanh Hoa Province is a must-see destination on all Vietnam countryside tours.