Traditional games for kids to play on Vietnam all-inclusive packages

Even though seeing multiple changes along the history, the Vietnamese are well-known for our traditions. As traditional people, Vietnamese adults used numerous games to pass on the traditions to their kids. There are some cultural differences in how Vietnamese children are raised, and one of which is the games that […]


A visit to Sedge Mat Villages in Nga Son District, Thanh Hoa Province

A tranquil and picturesque district in Thanh Hoa Province, Nga Son is crowned as one of the most beautiful rural areas in Vietnam. Besides the splendid view of primitive simplicity, these sedge mat villages here are a nice place for visitors on their Vietnam countryside tours for family to experience […]


What do you know about lotus tea in Vietnam?

Lotus is considered to be the national flower of Vietnam. The beauty of the lotus is praised for its high, pure, unobstructed dust. It is also a symbol of Buddhism with the meaning of pure and innocent biochemistry. Vietnamese people choose lotus to marinate. Along with jasmine tea, flower tea grapefruit, etc. Lotus tea […]


What do you know about Vietnamese “ca tru”?

“Ca tru” has many names, depending on each different locality and at each different time, “ca tru” is also called as “hát ả đào”, “hát cửa đình”, “hát cửa quyền”, “hát cô đầu”, “hát nhà tơ” and “hát ca công”. This is a unique type of Vietnamese performing arts that […]


3 Pagodas to visit in Quang Nam

Fascinated by the temples and sacred sites of Eastern religions? These pagodas in Quang Nam below are what you should not miss on your Vietnam culture tours. Cau Pagoda – Bridge Pagoda (Chùa Cầu) – the symbol of Hoi An   Cau Pagoda The brainchild of Japanese tradesmen who came […]


Learn Wedding Customs With Vietnam Culture Tour

Basing on Vietnamese culture from the former to this day, we can see that Southerners often have three rituals that are asking permission to marry to the girl, engagement, bringing the bride to groom’s house. However, due to the lifestyle of the southerners, the South Vietnamese could bypass the visiting […]


Most Important Vietnam Festivals

Viet Nam is a rich cultural tradition country with hundreds of amazing festivals every year. Experiencing several festivals when coming to Vietnam will definitely help you to understand its culture.  Lunar New Year Festival Lunar New Year (Source: Internet) Lunar New Year, or Tet is among the most important festivals in Vietnam. […]

Market in Tet holidays1506918291

Join a Vietnamese family for Tet holiday preparation

“We don’t love Tet for the days off and good food. The whole point of Tet is family getting together and the festive atmosphere that brings people joy” Mrs.Nhung told me when I accompanied her to the market on a chilly spring morning. Tet was drawing near and it was […]


Explore the best Vietnam festivals for your culture tour

Known as a Southeast Asian country with a long history and rich cultural value, Vietnam nowadays has more than 8,000 large and small festivals every year. In this article, explorevietnam introduce you to the most four popular festivals in Vietnam together with their places and their time. If you have […]