Top unmissable tourist sites in Ha Tinh (Part 2)

Famous for its unspoiled beauty, the city in the northern part of Central Vietnam has a destination for everyone – whether it is the pagoda, mountain, history, or culture you are interested in on your Vietnam private tour.

Huong Tich Pagoda


Huong Tich Pagoda

Located on the peak of Hong Linh Mountain – the mountain range with 99 peaks 650 meters above sea level ranked as 1 of 21 scenic spots of Vietnam, Huong Tich Pagoda (Chùa Hương Tích in Vietnamese) is believed to have the most astonishing backdrops of any pagoda in our country. A visit to the highest peak of Hong Linh Mountain confirms that it definitely achieves the purpose of all pagodas: to connect the earth and heaven and to bring tourists closer to nature.

The ancient pagoda in the land of Ha Tinh is among the best preserved Buddhist structures in Vietnam and have endured several man-made and natural catastrophes since it was built in Tran Dynasty. The temple was first built in the 13th century and rebuilt in 1910 by the court doctor Trieu Chan after Huong Tich was burned down in a fire in 1885. It was renovated one more time in 2003. Since then, it has been an unmissable place to visit on any Vietnam private tour.

Its legendary history and its graceful setting among the sky, mountain, and water have made it a symbol of not only Can Loc District but the whole province of Ha Tinh. It is best viewed and visited in spring – from the 22nd day of February to the 3rd lunar month – when the scenery is at its most striking and a large number of Buddhists and pilgrims gather to celebrate its annual festival.

Hong Linh Mountains


Hong Linh Mountains

One of a few landscape sites carved into the nine dynastic urns in the 7th year of Minh Mang reign (1836), Hong Linh Mountains are a natural wonder worth traveling for on your Vietnam tailor-made tour. Also known as Hoan Châu Đệ Nhất Danh Thắng, Hong Linh, which translates to “red mountain range” in Sino-Vietnamese name, is the most famous one in Ha Tinh.

Having a unique location with nearly 100 mounts running northwest-southeast, Hong Linh Mountains are well known as the most photographed mountain in all of Ha Tinh City. The peak – the Thap Co at the height of 676m seems to touch the sky, and the many mysterious caves and clear streams only add to its majestic look.

Hordes of travelers make their way to Hong Linh Mountains every year to catch a glimpse of the large-scale and poetic area, a fascinating formation in Hong Linh Town and three districts of Nghi Xuan, Can Loc and Loc Ha, Ha Tinh Province. This region is home to Che Hai, Da Hang, Ham Rong, 12-Gate Caves, the dam system of Bau Tiên, Vuc Nguyet, Ao Nui Lan, and My Duong Pond with the length of more than 8km.

Whether you are hiking, photo-taking, or just sightseeing, a visit to Hong Linh Mountains is a beautiful memory on any Central Vietnam group tour. Come to fall in love with the jaw-dropping landscapes!

Memorial Site of Nguyen Du Great Poet


Memorial Site of Nguyen Du Great Poet

Chances are you have not known Hong Linh Mount, but it actually has a rather significant claim to fame — besides being locally called as Ha Tinh’s highest mountain. This area is also the homeland of Nguyen Du –  the founding-figure of Vietnamese literature – one of Vietnam’s greatest and most talented poets.

Established in 1965 in Ha Tinh Province to celebrate the 200th birthday anniversary of Nguyen Du Poet and becoming a national culture and tourism destination in 2015, the Memorial Site of Nguyen Du Great Poet is where you can share the suffering of human life with the immense soul of a great poet of the Vietnamese.

The land of mountainous terrain and the land of rich cultures and traditions, Ha Tinh should be one of the most sought-after places to visit on your Vietnam private tour.


Top unmissable tourist sites in Ha Tinh City (part 1)

How to create unforgettable memories on your best tours in Vietnam? Let’s visit top unmissable tourist sites in Ha Tinh City, which can depict historical significance and outstanding beauty capable of awing and amusing everyone!

Thien Cam Beach Thien-Cam-Beach-helloVietnam

Thien Cam Beach

Located approximately 20 kilometers from the town of Ha Tinh province, Thien Cam Beach was believed to obtain its name Thien Cam – (meaning Heaven’s Lute) in the 13th century and has since become a top destination for families thanks to its romantic and pristine beauty and great shore breaks.

Rugged, wild, and untouched are just some of the words used to describe the pristine huge-bowl shore’s beauty, which is only matched by the bright blue waters. The waves sweeping into and out of the silk-like fine sandbanks creates such a scenic (and foamy) natural phenomenon perfect for a lot of shots to post on Instagram. The whole stretch of this 1.86 mile-long beach from Thien Cam Mount foot to Elephant Head Mount is public property, making it easy to stroll from hotel to hotel regardless of where you book an overnight on your Vietnam private tour. All in one day, you can swim in the cool crystal blue water and gentle waves, grab lunch at a sea-side restaurant, take a round trip to sightsee and breathe in the relaxing atmosphere, visit a fishing village – Cua Nhuong that has been there for around 500 years, and, last but not least, sample lobster, squid, Cu Ky bird, Nhuong fish source – Ha Tinh’s seafood specialties.

In spite of the growing popularity and the new hotels cropping up in the last few years, Thien Cam Beach still retains its legendary vibe with the soft and low sea wave whispering and the pine singing in the wind. Start planning your tropical getaway now—Thien Cam beach is one of the best beaches in Vietnam.

Ke Go Lake


Ke Go Lake

With emerald waters, still surfaces, spectrum of colors, views of the Julien Alps, and numerous oasis, there is a reason Ke Go Lake about 12.4 miles south of Ha Tinh is one of the city’s most popular sites and a must-visit place on any Central Vietnam group tour.

A place where you can stroll amid a lot of timber trees listed in Vietnam’s Red Book such as meranti, red-wood, green ironwood, and frankincense while admiring water flows pouring down the lake from the mountain and listening to the wind from the forests has got to be magical, right? Blessed with a superb microclimate, Ke Go Lake with its all-year-round cool weather is the kind of place urging you to find a fancy word to capture its exquisiteness. Jaw-dropping is just a word to start.

Get on the water by rowing a simple boat to take you on a tour of the lake’s villas and villages to capture all of the most mesmerizing qualities of water. Surrounded by hills and mountains, Ke Go Lake – one of the most beautiful of the artificial wonders found in Cam Xuyen District, Central Vietnam will make you forget about beaches altogether.

If many precious flora species and rare and endangered fauna species in the 11,000ha of natural forests and 261 ha of cultivated forests are not enough, travelers on their best tours in Vietnam can also go swimming, fishing, or hiking.

Dong Loc Road Junction Youth Volunteer Relic


Dong Loc Road Junction

Located at the intersection of National Road 15A and Provincial Road 2, Dong Loc Road Junction (Ngã ba Đồng Lộc) is a strategic point of the connection between the North and Ho Chi Minh Trail extensively bombed by American forces during the Vietnam War.

The crossroad – the symbol for the iron will and supreme sacrifice of young volunteers in the resistance war against American Empire is now used as the memorial a unit of ten young female volunteers, aged 17 to 20, laying down to ensure the clear traffic from the North to the South.

If you consider your Vietnam private tour a chance to learn Vietnam’s history, don’t miss Dong Loc Road Junction where you can visit a monument engraved with the names of the ten female heroines.

An untapped tourist paradise with enchanting tourist attractions, Ha Tinh City is a must-visit destination on your Vietnam tailor-made tour.


Explore the National Parks in Vietnam

Vietnam is extremely famous for a large number of national parks all around the country. Why don’t you follow this article to get more information about some interesting parks for your Vietnam group tours?

Cuc Phuong National Park                                  

Established in 1962, Cuc Phuong National Park is the most ancient park in the country and becomes one of the best destinations for group tours in Vietnam. The park is situated in Ninh Binh Province, about 125 kilometers to the south of the central city of Hanoi.

The destination covers over 200 square kilometers of karst mountains, the tropical forest as well as some limestone caves where you can find a lot of historical significance such as historical tools and ancient tombs. Cuc Phuong Nation Park is also composed of a wide range of fauna and flora; many of them are even listed on the Red Book of Vietnam as endangered species.

In addition, the Endangered Primate Rescue Center was also built in 1995 inside the park. Now there are about 140 primates as endangered species which have been conserved in some vast enclosures in the natural park. The center was opened in order to take care of them and then sent them back into the wild, however, only some of them has been released because it is quite hard for them to adapt to the natural environment. There is also the Turtle Conservation near the Endangered Primate Rescue Centre. The main aim of the place is to conserve turtles which have been rescued from many wildlife trades. Moreover, when paying a visit to Cuc Phuong National Park, tourists will have a chance to experience 19 other species with detailed information about them which is displayed at the entry hall.

The ideal time to visit Cuc Phuong National Park, a destination of the best tours in Vietnam, is from March to May. At that time, you can enjoy the vivid view of nature because of the fairly hot and dry weather.


Cuc Phuong National Park

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

As one of the greatest spots in Vietnam group tours, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. Located in Quang Binh Province, the park consists of the area of about 3500 square kilometers of mostly primary forest, in particular, the most ancient karst mountains in Asia. Phong Nha Cave, one of the longest systems all around the world was first seriously explored in the 1990s by the British Cave Research Association and Hanoi University.

Furthermore, Paradise Cave was found in 2005 and in 2009, Son Doong Cave was discovered by an exploration team. However, until 2015, the authority government allowed public access to these two cave systems. The park borders Laos’ Hin Namno National Biodiversity Conservation Area to create a special fence in order to protect the fauna and flora. Phong Nha is home to over 90 kinds of mammals, especially tigers, primate, elephants, and Saola – a rare antelope in Asia; 80 kinds of amphibians and reptiles and over 200 types of birds.


Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

Can Gio Biosphere Reserve

Located in the coastal area of Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio District in general and Can Gio Biosphere Reserve, in particular, is a low-lying land and are formed by a network of rivers and canals. When traveling to this interesting place, you can see the main types of habitat there are plantation mangroves which cover an area of 200 square kilometers meanwhile naturally regenerating mangrove 70 square kilometers. Rhizophora apiculata is the major mangrove species used to control salinization.

Besides, R. mucronata and seagrasses such as Halophyla, Thalassia, and Halodule species are also utilized in smaller levels. There are about 27 crustacean, 18 mollusc and 45 types of fish living in this area. As its name, Can Gio Biosphere Reserve is very crucial for the environment and habitat there. In detail, the sandbanks and intertidal mudflats play an important role in shorebird migratory. Moreover, the forest also keeps the coast stable, protect it from storm surges, and oil spills. Can Gio Biosphere Reserve is an attractive destination for tourists to come visit and study in their tour to Vietnam.


Can Gio Biosphere Reserve


Five charming pristine islands in Vietnam

Vietnam is known as a country rich in natural wonders and it could take you a lifetime to explore. Besides the continental treasures, tourists are also captivated by paradise islands, some are really well-known such as Phu Quoc and Cat Ba, but others are still hidden gems.

With perfect patches of sand, crystal blue sea water, coral reefs…, five charming pristine islands in Vietnam below are calling your name to discover their own beauty.

1. Nam Du Island (Kien Giang Province)

Nam Du Island

Nam Du Island (Source: Internet)

About 83 km west of Rach Gia City, 21 islets making up Nam Du Archipelago can only be reached by boat because of the mountainous and rugged terrain. Visit Nam Du island, you would go into the ecstasy over its sleepy undeveloped beauty. Imposing mountains erupting amidst the ocean, long stunning beaches, and splendid rock cliffs, as well as endless evergreen primeval forests, make the island Vietnam’s second Ha Long Bay. Especially, the immense, clean turquoise sea is appropriate for going snorkeling to discover the beautiful coral reef. Besides, “seeing how locals live” and taking nightly baby octopus fishing trips would bring you an unforgettable experience.

2. Binh Hung Island (Khanh Hoa Province)

Binh Hung Island

Binh Hung Island (Source: Internet)

Just off the south coast of Cam Ranh Bay, Binh Hung Island is really a secret paradise. The hotel-less island is an ideal place for visitors to set up camps for freely swimming, seeing corals, indulging in the crystal blue water. The centenarian Hon Chut Lighthouse is also an exotic destination in Binh Hung where tourists can have an unobstructed view of the island and watch the sunrise or sunset. Seafood, of course, is the local specialty. You can also sample lobsters raised in farms by the village, sea urchins, any kind of sea snails at a very cheap price, and most importantly, they are very fresh.

3. Co To Island (Quang Ninh Province)

Co To Island

Co To Island (Source: Internet)

Located in Co To Island District, Quang Ninh Province, Co To Island is usually referred to as “Large Co To Island”; the island gets the name from its relatively large area. Despite the growth of Vietnam modern industry, Co To still preserves its pristine beauty. There is even a 1-km-long romantic path leading to the lighthouse winding through the pine tree forest full of colorful and sweet-scented wild flowers. Reaching that lighthouse, which is 70 meters above sea level; you can hear the ocean breathing and fill your mind with the peaceful scenery of Co To. However, to make the most of this wonderful moment, don’t forget to take a special permit issued by Immigration Office in Quang Ninh City.

4. Hang Rai Island (Ninh Thuan Province)

Hang Rai Island

Hang Rai in Vinh Hy Bay (Source: Internet)

Located inside Vinh Hy Bay, about 40 kilometers from Phan Rang and accessible by car or motorbike, Hang Rai is home to the largest ancient coral reef in Vietnam. The dead coral reefs provide a living habitat for grass bushes and wildflowers. Also, multiple shapes over have been cut out on the rock formation by the water for millions of years; creating numerous astonishing caves. Hang Rai beach with water color changed according to the light of the sun is a highlight to those who adore natural art.

5. Con Dao Island (Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province)

Con Dao Island

Con Dao Islands (Source: Internet)

Con Dao Islands are an archipelago of 16 mostly uninhabited islets just off the southern coast of Vietnam. It shows a pristine beauty with stretching white sand beaches and dense forests. The island is also known by the name of Con Dao National Park, which covers fourteen of the sixteen islands and their surrounding marine areas. It is the habitat of over 800 floral species, about 100 species of animals, and under 1,500 species of marine creatures.  It’s regrettable if you don’t visit the main (and only inhabited) island there, Con Son. It was once the site of French-run prisons that incarcerated political prisoners that were captured during the Vietnam War with France. Vietnamese people visit Con Son to pay their respect for revolutionaries executed by the French such as Vo Thi Sau and other derelict revolutionary martyrs.

With 5 charming pristine islands in Vietnam, explorevietnam hopes that they will give you an escape from the rat race, enjoy the natural hidden beauty. And don’t forget to take photos to share wonderful moments with your family and friends.


Let’s enjoy Vietnam adventure tour to Khe Sanh military base

Being an important battle during two Vietnamese independent wars, Khe Sanh military base witnessed a lot of glorious feats of arms of Vietnamese military. Nowadays, when the wars went far away, Khe Sanh still remains evidence reminding us about these scenes fierce.

So, why don’t you come and visit Khe Sanh, Quang Tri to understand more about these magnanimous days during the wars.


Khe Sanh is located on the ninth main road in Huong Hoa District, Quang Tri Province, which was the fiercest battle in two Vietnamese independent wars, about 63 kilometers to the west of Dong Ha town.

Khe Sanh Base

 Khe Sanh Base in Quang Tri (Source: Internet)

History of Khe Sanh Base

From 1965 to 1966, American Armed Forces and the Republic of Vietnam’s armed services built Khe Sanh as the biggest base in their defensive route in the ninth road, which was considered as an “inviolable” defensive route at that time.

Khe Sanh was situated in a red-soil valley which is placed 400 meters above the sea level, surrounded by endless mountains and hills. It’s one of three important peepholes of McNamara electronic fence, including Khe Sanh, VayVilage, and Ta Con. Khe Sanh was the site of many fierce battles in the Ninth Road- KheSanh Campaign in 1968, Ninth Road – Southern Laos in 1971. Johnsons – American President requested the Chairman of Council Staff of the US coalition troops to sign an engagement in blood to keep Khe Sanh under the control of the US Armed Forces.

Khe Sanh Base in the past

 Khe Sanh Base in Vietnamese independent wars (Source: Internet)

Main attractions

War Museum in Khe Sanh displays many relics from the war such as some armored vehicles, helicopters, aircraft, tanks and people carriers in various states of damage.

Many tourists to Khe Sanh commented: “Reasonably priced to wander around the museum, which was interesting, and the old US machinery and bunkers…”, or “Very interesting, especially for history buffs…”, “Fascinating!”

War  Museum in Khe Sanh

Historical Museum in Khe Sanh Base (Source: Internet)

Hotels near Khe Sanh relics

Visiting Khe Sanh, you do not have to worry about accommodation. There are many cheap and comfortable hotels near the relics. For example Alba Thanh Tan Hue Hot spring Hotel which costs you about $70 per night, including free internet, breakfast, and parking. Moreover, it also has a restaurant, swimming pool, bar, and pet caring service, etc.

Muong Thanh Grand Quang Tri Hotel is another choice. With only $32, you’ll have a nice stay in this hotel. It provides customers with internet, breakfast, parking and so on. Besides many usual services, you can make your breakfast in small kitchen supplied by the hotel.

With about $35, you can enjoy a good stay in Saigon Dong Ha Hotel with many common services. Especially, you can enjoy shopping in a small shopping mall in the hotel.

Hotel in Khe Sanh

Muong Thanh Grand Quang Tri Hotel (Source: Internet)

Khe Sanh is an important historical relic of Vietnam which was one of the most terrible battles during two independent wars. Let’s visit Khe Sanh to learn more about Vietnamese glorious feats of arms to protect their country and admire Vietnamese heroes who laid down their lives for the motherland. Travel with explorevietnam to discover the beautiful Vietnam.


Top 4 Destinations For a Vietnam Adventure Travel

For those who have itchy feet and are dying to embark on an exciting adventure, we have compiled a list of destinations below for you to add to your bucket list.


Sapa, Lao Cai, north of Vietnam

Sapa has been famous for so many years among tourist for being northern Vietnam’s premier trekking base. People come here to launch themselves into the rugged landscape of the region, go on a strenuous hike to Fansipan or make a long trek to Muong Hoa valley. If you want to save your legs yet explore this mountainous area, rent a motorbike from one of the hotels in town. But bear in mind that you need to be a skillful rider to cope with various craggy trails in Sapa.

Sapa tour

The trail that leads to Fansipan summit (Source: Internet)

The Fansipan adventure can be done on your own if you are fit enough for a day hike; however, a guide is required for staying overnight. On the top of the mountain, you will have commanding view of undulating mountain ranges below and exhilarating moments when you realize you have just conquered the roof of Indochina.

Muong Hoa is an ideal destination for both trekking lovers and photoholics. The valley offers the panorama of tiny bungalows clustered in cascading rice terraces and several rocks containing ancient patterns that stretch for kilometers. The trek can be done by yourself but a guide will show you the best points to have dramatic backdrops for photos.

To get to Sapa from Hanoi, choose either a sleeper bus or a train. The bus is much cheaper but you would have more space in a train cabin. To know more about your options, read this article How to get to Sapa from Hanoi.

Lan Ha bay, Cat Ba Island, north of Vietnam

Lan Ha is world-renowned Ha Long bay in a smaller scale and also less-visited. Going on a cruise is common among tourists but a more exciting option is to go kayaking. Some highlights of the trip might be paddling alongside the mammoth cliff faces and exploring deserted beaches.

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay from above (Source: Internet)

The bay teems with wildlife and you could see and hear their presence along the way. Above you are sea eagles circling at all times of day and swooping down for fish. When inside the caves, there is haunting noise of birds and monkeys mixed with the splash of your paddles in the water. If you are lucky enough, you may catch sight of a school of flying fish jumping out of the water surface. Thanks to its proximity to Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha is a perfect destination for an adventure holiday in Vietnam.

To know how to go to Lan Ha bay from Ha Noi and Ha Long, see this article.

Cuc Phuong National Park, Ninh Binh, north of Vietnam


Cuc Phuong is the very first national park of Vietnam and home to a large range of flora and fauna. Many species in Cuc Phuong are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book of endangered species. The park also provides nature trails that interest lots of hikers. Prepare to trudging on soil trail, step over gigantic tree roots and clamber up rock boulders. Riding on the back of a motorbike while balancing yourself as they usually go extremely fast along meandering roads are an adventure itself.

Cuc Phuong National Park

The way to Cuc Phuong National Park (Source: Internet)

 As for getting there, you can go by bus, train or motorbike and the trip will take about 3 hours from Hanoi. To know more, see this article.

Cat Ba National Park, Hai Phong, north of Vietnam


Cat Ba national park features some good hiking trails; the longest leads to the mountain summit and cover a distance of 18 km. This trail is for hard-core hikers and a guide is recommended to make the most of the journey. Bus or boat to reach to trailhead and to go back need to be arranged; basic supply can be purchased at kiosk in Viet Hai village. You’d better avoid the rainy season as the trail will get muddy and slippery. Conquering one of the most strenuous trails in Vietnam will definitely be your best Vietnam adventure tour.

Cat Ba National Park

The trail in Cat Ba national park (Source: Internet)

Any hiker or trekker can find some things to love about Vietnam. If you have discovered other places that you would like to share, please leave a comment with






Best tour packages to Viet Nam

Vietnam is regarded as an ideal destination for tourists looking for pristine natural sceneries, war memorials, religious sites, and historical monuments. Tour packages to Vietnam will undeniably give you an insight into this beautiful land.

Here we provide you with the information on the two-holiday packages from explorevietnam for your travel. Check out to see whether they can persuade you to visit this amazing country.

Mekong Delta’s flavors 6 days

The South of Vietnam which is famous for several rivers and complex canal system has become the perfect place for tourists who love the pristine beauty of nature. Taking part in 6-day Mekong Delta’s flavors tour, travelers will start their travel in Saigon – the modern city which was called “the pearl of Indochina”.  Then you will take a boat trip along Mekong River and Cai Rang floating market to observe local people buying and selling on the river. The deeper you go into Mekong Delta, the more you understand the daily life of the local.

Cu Chi Tunnel

Cu Chi tunnels (Source: Internet)


Cai Rang floating market – a specific tourist attraction in Can Tho (Source: Internet)




Day 1

Saigon Arrival

Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, check in hotel

Day 2

Saigon – Cu Chi tunnels – City tour

Visit Cu Chi tunnels in Northwest of Saigon,  join a tour to War Remnants Museum, the Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, City Post Office and Ben Thanh market

Day 3

Saigon – Cai Be – Vinh Long – Chau Doc

Transfer to Cai Be, go on a cruise trip along Mekong River, explore the daily life of local people, join a biking tour then drive to Chau Doc.

Day 4

Chau Doc – Tra Su Cajuput Forest – Can Tho

Visit Tra Su Cajuput Forest, travel to Can Tho city for the night stay

Day 5

Can Tho – Cai Rang floating Market – Saigon

Visit Cai Rang floating market in the morning, observe the local daily lives, come back to Saigon for lunch

Day 6

Saigon – Departure

Go shopping and sightseeing around Saigon before transfer to Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Passionate Vietnam 14 days

The two-week tour along Vietnam will bring you the most unforgettable memories that you have never had. 14-day Passionate Vietnam tour starts in Saigon where you are able to enjoy the busy atmosphere in a big and modern city then move northward to Ben Tre, Can Tho, Hue, Danang, Hoi An and comes to an end in Hanoi. The outstanding point in the schedule is the cruise in Halong Bay in which you can find peaceful and relaxing moments among your trip.

The Japanese Bridge

Japanese bridge – a cultural symbol of Hoian

Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue




Day 1

Saigon Arrival

Arrive in Saigon, check in hotel, having dinner over Saigon river

Day 2

Saigon City tour

Visit Notre Dame Cathedral and the City Post Office. Next, China Town, Thien Hau and Quan Am Pagodas in the morning, join a tour to War Remnants Museum and Ben Thanh market

Day 3

Saigon – Ben Tre – Can Tho

Transfer to Ben Tre Province, visit Vinh Trang Pagoda and Hung Vuong pier, take a boat trip on Ben Tre river, join in a coconut workshop then drive to Can Tho for a night stay

Day 4

Can Tho – Cai Rang floating market – Saigon

Visit Cai Rang floating market, pass by local villages, observe daily life then come back to Saigon for lunch

Day 5

Saigon – Danang – Hoian

Transfer from Saigon to Danang, check in hotel in Hoian, join a walking tour around Hoian town, visit Japanese Bridge, the Chinese Assembly Halls, and Ancient House…

Day 6

Hoian – Farming & fishing life

Take a day trip in the local farm and fishing communities

Day 7


Explore Hoian your own way

Day 8

Hoian – Danang – Hue

Drive to Hue, visit Lang Co beach for a photo shoot, check in hotel, visit Imperial Museum and Dong Ba market in the afternoon

Day 9

Hue – Hanoi

Go on a boat trip along Perfume River, visit Thien Mu Pagoda and Minh Mang Tomb before flying to Hanoi

Day 10

Hanoi City tour

Take a full day guided tour around Hanoi and visit some key sites: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, etc, watch a water puppet show

Day 11

Hanoi – Tho Ha – Bat Trang village

Transfer to Tho Ha village in Bac Giang, observe rice paper making and have lunch in the village, visit Bat Trang pottery village in the afternoon.

Day 12

Hanoi – Halong Bay

Take a journey to Halong Bay, embark on a cruise to visit caves and sandstone islands, relax on the sun deck or go squid fishing at night

Day 13

Halong Bay – Hanoi

Have breakfast on the cruise

Day 14

Hanoi – Departure

Go around the city or go shopping before driving to the airport

If you have a plan to come to Vietnam but still wonder where to go and what to do, here we recommend the best packages for your travel. Let’s take a look at them and have a nice trip!


Exploring Vietnam with cheap holiday packages

Vietnam is known as a peaceful land with a breath-taking panorama of forest-covered mountains, rich cultural heritages, many historic sites, and delicious street food. That’s why so many travelers choose Vietnam for their vacations.

If you are on a tight budget but still want to visit this beautiful country, don’t worry, here we give you some brief information on Vietnam cheap holiday packages from explorevietnam.

1. Northern flavors 5 days

Participate in the 5-day trip, you will have the chance to learn about the specific culture and enjoy delicious local food of Northern Vietnam. Your journey starts in Hanoi where tourists can take a tour along Hanoi streets and Old Quarter. You will spend the next days on Tien Le veggie farm and Mai Chau valley where you are able to get away from the fast pace of big cities and enjoy the peace of mountainous areas.


The peaceful beauty of the Old Quarter

Mai Chau

Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau




Day 1

Hanoi Arrival

Arrive in Hanoi, check in hotel, visit Hanoi Old Quarter

Day 2

Hanoi – Vegetable village & cooking class – City tour

Visit Tien Le vegetable village, visit One Pillar Pagoda and Woman Museum, watch Water Puppet Show

Day 3

Hanoi – Mai Chau – Homestay

Visit Mai Chau valley, go trekking in Pom Coong and Na Phon villages

Day 4

Mai Chau – Trekking – Hanoi

Enjoy stunning sceneries, go hiking, visit Cum and Xam Khoe villages

Day 5

Hanoi – Departure

Go shopping and sightseeing in Hanoi before departure flight

2. Central Vietnam – Heritage trails 7 days

The next one on the list of cheap holiday packages is the Heritage trails 7-day trip in Central Vietnam. Travelers will spend a week to go on some tours and discover tourist attractions in Danang, Hoian, Hue and Quang Binh. Setting your foot on Hue City, you are able to learn about interesting historical facts of Vietnam and admire the unique architecture of ancient buildings.

My Son Sanctuary

Myson Sanctuary with old buildings

Minh Mang Tomb

Minh Mang Tomb with ancient architecture




Day 1

Danang arrival – Hoian

Arrive in Danang, check in hotel, visit the Marble Mountain

Day 2

Hoian – Myson – Walking tour

visit the My Son Sanctuary, join in walking tour along Hoian ancient town

Day 3

Hoian – Wet rice tour – Hue

Join in Eco tour Wet rice, go cycling to the rice farm, Visit Hue Imperial city and enjoy the Hue royal music

Day 4

Hue City Tour

Visit Thien Mu Pagoda, visit the Hue Citadel, Khai Dinh and Minh Mang Tombs

Day 5

Hue – Quang Binh – Phong Nha Cave

Explore Ke Bang National Park, enjoy the boat trip along Son River to visit Tien Son cave

Day 6

Chay River – Paradise Cave – Hue

Go kayaking on Chay River, visit Paradise Cave, transfer to Hue

Day 7

Hue – Departure

Go shopping and sightseeing before transferring to Hue Airport

3. Biking North Vietnam 4 days

One of the most interesting outside activities in your Vietnam holiday is biking. Taking part in a 4–day Biking North Vietnam tour, you are able to enjoy gorgeous natural sceneries in Cuc Phuong National Park and explore the daily life of the ethnic minorities in Thai Villages.

Cuc Phuong National Park    

Cuc Phuong National Park is the perfect destination for nature lovers




Day 1

Hanoi – Mai Chau – Thai Villages

Go along Mai Chau, go trekking to Pom Coong and Na Phon Villages, enjoy natural sceneries

Day 2

Cum & Xam Khoe Villages

Go on cycling tours along rice terraces, visit Cum & Xam Khoe Villages

Day 3

Mai Chau –  Cuc Phuong National Park – Ninh Binh

Transfer to Nho Quan, go cycling to Cuc Phuong National Park and Tam Coc.

Day 4

Ninh Binh – Tam Coc – Hanoi

Go cycling to Tam Coc, take a boat trip along Ngo Dong River, go on flight to come back Hanoi

Here is the list of three cheap holiday packages in from explorevietnam. Check out and choose one for your vacation!


Best tourist attractions in Vietnam for your winter trip

Winter does not seem to be the best season for traveling, however, these amazing tourist attractions in Vietnam will change your thinking. If you are looking for a destination for your winter vacation, let’s look at the list of best tourist spots in winter for travelers who love white snow, cold wind and snowy mountains.

1. Sapa

Your winter trip to Vietnam will not be complete without Sapa. If you are a fan of cold winter with white snow, Sapa is the perfect destination for you.

Sapa is famous for cool climate all around the years, especially in winter, the temperature sometimes drops to -1ºC leading to snowfalls. Visiting this small town from December to January, tourists may have the chance to admire the snowy sceneries of snow-covered mountains and forests. Enjoying delicious grilled food and local rice wine in a street food stall while feeling the cold weather outside will be an unforgettable memory that you hardly experience in anywhere else.

Sapa in winter

Breath-taking views of Sapa in winter (Source: Internet)

Located 9km from Sapa town is Fanxipan mountain peak. Once you get to Sapa, you should give “the roof of Indochina” a visit. With the cable cars, it has become easier to get there, remember to bring a camera so that you can catch impressive moments of nature.  

2. Mau Son (Lang Son)

Besides Sapa, Mau Son is considered as an ideal tourist attraction in winter in Vietnam for people who love snow-watching. Located on a high landscape in Lang Son, Mau Son has a topographic with the average height of 800 – 1000m above the sea. The best time to explore the mythical beauty of Mau Son is from late December to January annually.

In winter, the average temperature in Mau Son is around 6ºC and 13ºC, sometimes it dips to 0ºC and has snow. This mountainous area is the favorite destination for adventurers and explorers who enjoy snowfalls and outside activities like trekking or hiking.

Mau Son

Mau Son is covered with white snow (Source: Internet)

Coming to Mau Son in winter, travelers are able to enjoy some specialties such as grilled pork, wild peaches or a special service of bathing in herbal leaves from Dao ethnic groups. 

3. Moc Chau

Setting your foot in Moc Chau this winter, I am pretty sure that you cannot take your eyes off gorgeous white canola fields. The winter is the most beautiful season in the year in this mountainous area.

Canola in Moc Chau

White Canola in Moc Chau (Source: Internet)

From November to December, the whole region is covered with white flowers in full bloom. Then, between January and February when the winter comes to an end, Moc Chau becomes the paradise in real life with white cherry plum and peach blossom flowers. With the spectacular beauty of nature, this plateau is the ideal tourist spot for sightseeing and photography.

4. Ha Giang

It is a great pity if you travel to Vietnam in this winter without visiting Ha Giang because you would miss amazing festivals in here. From early October to late December, triangle buckwheat flower festival will be organized with many interesting activities such as watching street folk music shows, enjoying traditional dancing performance and paragliding. Furthermore, there is one thing that you cannot miss in your Ha Giang trip this winter is admiring triangle circuit flower fields with gorgeous beauty.

Ha Giang

Rice terraces are covered with triangle circuit flowers (Source Internet)

There are some highly recommended tourist attractions in Ha Giang that you should add into your where to go list: Lung Cu Flag Tower, Dong Van stone plateau, Quan Ba twin mountains, Pho Cao and much more. 

5. Le Thuy (Quang Binh)

If you have a chance to visit Le Thuy District ( Quang Binh) in your winter trip, don’t forget to make a stop at Bang hot spring – the one and only hot spring in Vietnam. The temperatures have been measured at 105°C in maximum and 80°C in smaller streams. 300m to downstream, the temperature is about 40 and 45 which is suitable for bathing.

Quang Binh

Bang hot spring in winter (Source: Internet)

The mineral water source of Bang spring is a good remedy for several diseases and enjoyment. Around the land area are spas, swimming pools, accommodation and tourist services, which make Bang hot spring become a special resort and tourist attraction in Vietnam. If you are looking for a place to come in your leisure travel in winter, this hot spring is here for you.

Even the cold winter cannot prevent the footsteps of tourists who have a strong desire to travel. If you are making a plan for this winter, remember to check out these best places that explorevietnam have listed for your winter trip.


Top 3 enchanting bays for a great escape in Vietnam

If you still haven’t made up your mind where to spend your coming vacation yet, then Vietnam would be an ideal suggestion. Thanks to numerous stretching pristine beaches, this S-shaped country is endowed with plentiful of beautiful bays, attracting thousands of domestic and international tourists every year.

The article from names 3 of the most enchanting bays in Vietnam you should never miss. Follow for more details.

Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh)

Halong Bay

Halong Bay makes Vietnam a must stop (Source: Internet)

The very first bay to be recommended for you is Ha Long Bay, an internationally-acclaimed natural wonder that every Vietnamese takes pride in. Myriads of undulating rocks in the water give this natural wonder a spectacular, soft and graceful beauty. Additionally, you are bound to be in awe visiting breathtaking caves such as Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, Dau Go Grotto, … which are all worth-discovering. Home to an extensive range of rock islands, majestic caves along with bewitching natural landscapes, the beauty of Ha Long Bay surely will surpass your expectation.

Nha Trang Bay (Khanh Hoa)

Nha Trang Bay

Nha Trang Bay is out of world (Source: Internet)

Along with Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang Bay is the second bay in Vietnam that is honored as a world-famous bay. Perfectly located in the heart of Khanh Hoa province and shielded by 19 multi-sized islands, Nha Trang Bay is home to nearly 10 Salangane Islands, creating a unique tourist complex for visitors from every world’s corners.

Coming to Nha Trang Bay, visitors will not only fall in love with its gentle waves, blue-clean-fresh and sun-drenched beaches but will also get lost in numbers of famous scenic spots, namely Hon Chong Promontory, Hon Tre Island, Hon Tam Island, Tru Beach, and many others. Among those places, the Hon Mun Island stands out with 350 species of coral reef, which accounts for 40% of reef corals of the world. Together with Ha Long Bay, in July 2003, Nha Trang Bay was officially accredited and ranked as the world’s top 29 most beautiful bays.

Vinh Hy Bay (Ninh Thuan)

Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy Bay with pristine beauty (Source: Internet)

Due to an ideal location, Vinh Hy Bay is surrounded by mountains with fresh natural climate, amazing caves, and crystal blue waters through which tourists can clearly embrace shoals of anchovies swimming around! Visiting Vinh Hy Bay, you will have the opportunity to enjoy out-of-this-world experience onboarding a uniquely-designed cruise ship. Since the bilge is transparent, tourists can admire a colorful carpet of coral reefs beneath the ocean while relaxingly sitting on the ship and enjoying a favorite cocktail. Trust me, there is no other feeling could compare to this overwhelming excitement. Moreover, the incorporated Vinh Hy Marine Preserved Area is where you can take a look at more than 307 rare and specious species of coral reefs, with 50 newly-discovered species in Vietnam. For scuba diving enthusiasts, Vinh Hy Bay offers optimal choices to both scuba dive and witness the beauty of coral reefs.

Those are the 3 most enchanting bays in Vietnam. It’s time you gather your buddies and go discover those awe-inspiring natural wonders.