Everything you should know for a perfect Bac Son Tour

If you are a person who is interested in exploring Vietnam mountainous area, it is sure that you cannot ignore Lang Son Province located in Northern Vietnam. Visiting the beautiful land is the good chance for tourists to explore how beautiful Vietnam is. Especially, there is an area where you can find a lot of things interesting and they can help you to create the perfect mountainous adventure. It is Bac Son, a small but quite wonderful part in Lang Son Province. Now, let’s explore with us on a Bac Son tour what you should know about the land to have a perfect travel.

When to go

When the best time for a travel is also a big question if you have any plan to visit somewhere. The most suitable time to visit Bac Son is late of July and the middle of November every year. At this time, the field in Bac Son is turning to the gorgeous hue of yellow like a huge carpet which is sparkling under the sunlight.


Bac Son Valley in the harvest season

Where to go

Na Lay Mountain

The Na Lay Mountain Peak is located at the height of 600 meters above the sea level. This is one of the most attractive tourist destinations with people having Bac Son valley tours. Standing on the peak, you can see the whole view of Bac Son Valley. Specifically, you might be conquered your heart because of its beauty at the sunrise or sunset.


Conquer Na Lay Mountain Peak

An uncountable number of professional photographers choose the destination for their unique photos. They even stay up late after a long day of Bac Son valley tour from Hanoi and wake up early on the next day to hunt the best view from the mountain peak. Thanks to the breath-taking view, you will forget totally the difficulties in your daily life and escape from the hustle and bustle of nosy cities.

Dan Mo Waterfall

Even you just have Bac Son valley day tour, you cannot still miss the destination. The picturesque waterfall is quite standing out on the wild mountainous background. When looking at the waterfall, you may not believe that it is created by the Mother Nature, it seems to be made by a talented artist. Next to the beautiful falls, you can catch sight of many old trees, which makes the landscape here become more mysterious and people seem to be closer to nature.

Quynh Son Village

Your Bac Son tours will have a big mistake if you don’t visit Quynh Son Village. It is the traditional village existing for a long time, where the Tay people have been living. Therefore, the architecture with hundreds of stilt houses as well as the daily life also reflects their ethnic minority culture. However, if you observe them carefully, you can see the different features among these houses. The fresh and large atmosphere here make every traveler feel comfortable and extremely relaxed when they have a visit to Bac Son.

Bac Son Revolution Museum

It is the place which witness, keep and preserve the documents and exhibit of Bac Son Revolution. Simultaneously, the inside of the museum is also the area where you can observe the archeology items explored in Bac Son Valley. Its architecture was based on the stilt house of Tay people. The behind is a mountainous area, the other sides are large, clear, and quite fresh. Until now, tourist can enter the museum with free entrance fee.

Where to stay

It is quite perfect if you can choose a homestay and have experiences with the Tay people on Bac Son tours. Quynh Son Village is the most famous place where you can find many beautiful homestays at a reasonable price. It is estimated that you will fall in love with the little lovely home and even friendly locals in the pretty tranquil village.


Bac Son homestays in Quynh Son Village

 Many tourists even wanted to lengthen their holiday when they had chances to stay here. Homestays in Quynh Son Village is not only lovely places but also windows of opening the opportunities for you to access locals’ life.

What to eat

Lang Son in general and Bac Son, in particular, are the ideal destinations for those who are crazy with the culinary tour. You cannot miss out the local specialties including black banh chung, banh ngai, steamed sticky rice, com lam, fried pork, Bac Son mandarin, Bac Son Vodka, etc. The dishes are considered to be the symbol of Bac Son cuisine quintessence.


Bac Son Madarin

Here are something you can note and remember to practice if you have the decision to have a Bac Son tour. They are basic knowledge which helps your travel become more convenient. Now, why don’t you carry your backpack up and have a nice trip with your friend now?