Five essential tips to avoid Vietnam honeymoon breakers

Planning on a Vietnam honeymoon? Why not? Vietnam is a newly emerging tourism paradise with brilliant experiences and thoughtful services whose low-cost is undeniable. However, a lack of sorting our your one and only honeymoon would be likely to bring shocking turn-offs. Here are five must-have tips to not have your honeymoon tour in Vietnam ruined.


The very first thing to be noted before entering any countries is getting your visa appliance through. If you are a part of somewhere in Europe, such preferential advantage as Schengen visa exemption can be a huge deal. However, for an Asian nation like Vietnam, only those living within the ASEAN region would be allowed to enter the country without further obstacles. Hence, bear in mind to ask for a favor from a trusted travel operator or the visa agency. We are sure you do not want your other significant to be left behind on the other side of the border.


Visa is the first to be noticed

Let Your Hotel Know If You Have Any Special Requests

The very next step after successfully making into Vietnam is to check in your accommodation. When we say hotel, we are referring to all types of accommodations in general. Usually, for those whose budget is generous enough, picking a five-star hotel is totally not an issue. One thing for sure is that these fancy hotels usually end up with a diversity of promotions and services aimed at making their guests’ stay to be filled with fun and leisure.


Honeymoon decoration in a hotel

Other than that, those hotels are usually found at strategic locations, which are scattered around downtown with full of available services around. Hence, your Vietnam honeymoon tours would be able to meet a lot of pleasant surprises. Last but not least, hotel staff usually comes up with a ready-made arrangement if they get to be noticed of their guests’ upcoming honeymoon. As a consequence, opening your brand new hotel room and get to observe everything to be pre-arranged in such romantic ways would fulfil your Vietnam tours for couple way better.


Romantic nights

Sample the culture

Nowadays, traveling does not simply end up with getting pleasant time or relaxation, yet a trip filled with full of memorable lessons and interesting experiences is definitely something you may like to consider to put in your honeymoon. Such Oriental and long-founded nation like Vietnam, with its lengthy coastline of over 3200 kilometers across various topography and cultures, is apparently waiting to have you saying wow with its massive list of rituals, cuisine, and traditional activities. You are definitely down for an exciting journey to be packed with a lot of experiences and get to learn more about such a unique culture with your beloved one, aren’t you?


A food tour seems to be brilliant

Apart from that, sample such culture at every single place you have been to definitely helps you get along well with the Vietnamese natives, who are surely always friendly and welcoming their visitors with open arms.

Balance Adventure with Relaxation

I am sure that you do not want to cut off your loving time together halfway, right? I have seen some of my friends planning their honeymoon to Vietnam to be a minimum of 5 days, as you already take time to fly all the way to this lovely country, and its landscapes are more than just amazing. Hence, along the staying period needs a good balance between adventurous activities and relaxation. You may not like the idea of canyoning and hiking all day long within 7 days in a row, while only being able to spend a few hours at night solely sleeping.


Canyoning in Vietnam


Relaxing is important as well

Consider Using a Travel Agent

Last but not least, why is a travel agency super necessary for your honeymoon tours in Vietnam? I agree that with a help of cutting-edge technology and the massive expansion of social media channels, you two are totally capable of looking for things and having fun on your own. However, if you are not an expat in Vietnam, an act of signing up for packages or tours offered by local tour operators is not likely a wasted idea. Why? Locals know best, and that is always true. TripAdvisor may tell you a good restaurant to be noted, yet in the actual eyes of the natives, that one dining area may not be as good as you thought it would be. Hence, consider using a travel agent is something you should not underestimate.

The given five rules above will kill all of your anxiety off. Now, feel free to set aside time and let your Vietnam honeymoon filled with joy and memories.

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