Hoc Hamlet (Bản Hốc) in Yen Bai Province

As much as you love city life teeming with chaotic traffic, bright lights, and crazy bar scenes, sometimes you are likely just to want to get away from it all. Just know that helloVietnam advises you to explore Vietnamese rural area on your next trip. All Vietnamese villages come fully loaded and are considered as the most beautiful, heart-melting villages in the world. Some are abundant in history; others seem to be straight out of a fairy tale. Despite that, these tiny rural villages in Vietnam have something in common. It is unquestionably their charm that makes them fantastic places to visit.

Yen Bai Province in the northern part of northern-central Vietnam – called Tay Bac is known for being the home of some of our country’s best-preserved scenic spots and unique architecture. Mu Cang Chai terraced fields, Thac Ba Reservoir, Giang Stream, Luc Yen Gem Market, Cang and Nghia Lo station historical sites, Ta Chi Nhu Mount, Nghia Lo Field, Ta Xua, and Pu Nhu waterfalls might be the very first destinations to be highly recommended by many Vietnam tour operators but it is these quaint villages dotted in the rural area that epitomise the essence of this spectacular province in the Northwest of Vietnam itself.

One such village is Hoc Hamlet in Son Thinh Village, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province. This village quintessentially Northwest Vietnamese nestled among the fields and hills is mostly an agricultural community. But thanks to the investment to develop the community-based tourism combined with ecotourism, Hoc Hamlet has become a culture-tourism village. So, please also enjoy its impressive natural scenery and experience what it has to offer.

Hoc Hamlet – where to admire Northwest Vietnam’s natural scenery at its fullest


Hoc Hamlet in Yen Bai

Located in the Northwest of Vietnam – about 170 kilometers from the center of Hanoi, Hoc Village is home to many ethnic minority groups, especially the Thai. The village preserves the region’s unique architecture, which is typified by stilt three-room houses built from separate components and linked by not nails but bolts.

Not only does Hoc Hamlet attract tourists by its strategic position, the village studded with a lot of scenic spots and beautiful natural sites also appeals to travelers on their best tours in Vietnam with charming scenery as well as its multicultural customs.

With the unspoiled, authentic nature, idyllic three-room houses of Thai ethnic people, and fantastic country walks, a visit to Hoc Hamlet in Yen Bai Province is a trip to evoke the romance of a time gone by in Vietnam. What an ideal backdrop for a relaxing rural escape recommended by helloVietnam tour operator!

Hoc Hamlet – where to experience the community-based tourism combined with ecotourism


Paper-fan-dancing festival

Though the community-based tourism services offered by the six households in the village charges a small fee to tourists, it is a worthwhile experience for those who are really in love with Vietnamese culture and traditions.

Thai people here have preserved traditional handicraft (embroidering, carpentry, printing pattern on fabric with wax); cultural events (paper-fan-dancing festival, funeral and wedding ceremonies); folk songs (Then singing, Khap singing); cuisine (lam rice, roasted pork, forest vegetables, rice wine); folk games (ném còn, đánh yến (similar to badminton); and houses with only one stairway and odd footsteps as old as the village itself for generations.

How to get to Hoc Hamlet from Hanoi?


Hoc Hamlet Homestay

Tourists on their day tour in Vietnam can easily catch a bus from Hanoi to Yen Bai. There are buses every 15-20 minutes. And after arriving at Yen Bai Bus Station, you have to catch a Yen Bai – Nghia Lo bus, and quickly get access to Hoc Hamlet. Those who have excellent driving skills can feel free to ride their own motorcycle along National Highway No 32. Expect the total driving time of 2-3 hours.

And one thing to remember: Hoc Hamlet is perfect to visit all year round. Why do you still hesitate to plan your next holiday in Vietnam?

A rural destination to admire Northwest Vietnam’s natural scenery at its fullest while experiencing the community-based tourism combined with ecotourism at its best, Hoc Hamlet in Yen Bai Province surely should be included in any Vietnam tour’s itinerary! Make sure to visit it on your best tours in Vietnam!