How much do you know about street food in Vietnam?

If you randomly ask any tourist who had the chance to visit Vietnam what the best thing to experience here is, the answer is sure “street food” without any doubt. Street food in Vietnam has gone a long way to become one of the best cuisines in the world that you must try once in your life.

Affordable prices, authentic tastes and the diversity of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes make street food in Vietnam become a powerhouse as a real paradise for foodies all around the world. will bring you more details on specialties of street food in each region, the North, the South and the Middle of Vietnam.

1. The delicacy of Northern cuisine

Hanoi is the thousand-year-old capital city of Vietnam with a long-standing development in cooking, so when it comes to street food in the North, we cannot miss Hanoi street food which has greatly contributed to Vietnamese cuisine’s reputation. Hanoians are incredibly subtle in cooking, which makes their cuisine so diverse but still keep the authentic and original tastes of Vietnamese traditional food. The cuisine here offers a wide range of dishes, some suggestions for you are pho, bun cha (grilled pork and vermicelli), bun thang, bun rieu cua, nem ran (fried spring roll), banh cuon (made of fermented rice batter), cha ca, etc.

Pho Bo

Pho with beef (Source: Internet)

Grilled pork with vermicelli

Grilled pork with vermicelli (Source: Internet)

Fried spring roll

Fried spring roll (Source: Internet)

Besides those traditional kinds of mainstream dishes, Hanoians have made so many other “odd” or even “weird” dishes and drinks, one of them is egg coffee. Unlike its first impression as a weird drink, egg coffee has become one of the top dishes that one must eat in Vietnam and received tremendous love and interest from tourists, both inside and outside of Vietnam since its first appearance long time ago.

Egg coffee

Egg coffee (Source: Internet)

2. Delicious dishes in the Central Vietnam

Central people like spicy food rather than sweet food in the South. They use many kinds of sauces like tomato sauce, fish sauce, shrimp sauce, etc to boost the flavor of the food and suit local people’s taste. Especially, Central people have made wonderful cakes and soups, which are the must-try when you have the chance to visit the region. Some good suggestions for you are bun bo Hue (vermicelli with beef in Hue), banh beo (beo cake), banh xeo (Vietnamese crepe), mi Quang (a kind of noodle), cao lau, etc.

Vermicelli with beef in Hue

 Vermicelli with beef in Hue (Source: Internet)

Vietnamese crepe

 Vietnamese crepe (Source: Internet)

Cao Lau

 Cao lau (Source: Internet)

3. A diverse cuisine of the South

The South is famous for having a “dynamic” cuisine, same as its development. The food there is simple, not so sophisticated, as simple as Southern people. Southern dishes remain their diversity, metamorphosis with sweet, spicy, and deliciously buttery by using coconut water. Typical dishes use a lot of sweetness: all kinds of cakes (banh it, banh bo, banh men, etc.), che (a kind of light dessert), sticky rice, chicken soup, roasted chicken, etc. Coconut juice or coconut water is one of the common ingredients to increase the sweet taste. Typical dishes are grilled snakehead fish, spring rolls, noodles, Nam Vang noodle soup, etc. Besides, in the Southern part, especially Saigon street food, it is famous for having good coffee and banh mi (Vietnamese baguette with different flavors).

Hu Tieu Nam Vang

Hu tieu Nam Vang (Source: Internet)

Banh mi in Saigon

Banh mi (Source: Internet)

Ice coffee with milk

Ice coffee with milk (Source: Internet)

A fun fact is that there are 3 Vietnamese words appearing in Oxford Dictionary as proper names, and they are: Pho, Banh mi and Ao dai (traditional dress of Vietnam). Street food in Vietnam is a must-try when you visit any region or any city, they all have the special taste representing each region, but they are similar in the way people cook and remain the Vietnamese cultural values. Let’s go to Vietnam and try all the food by yourself