How to enjoy your best private tours in Vietnam?

A country of over 90 million population, lush mountains, bustling cities, and golden sand beaches, Vietnam is so full of amazing places and experiences that you could travel for years and still feel like you have not enjoyed anything essential.

Before you can experience authentic Halong Bay cruise, pull up a stool at a pho stall and enjoy your meal shoulder to shoulder with the locals in Hanoi, or gulp down a refreshing iced tea with kumquat and honey on small plastic chairs at the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ho Chi Minh City, there is an important to-do list standing between you and your Vietnam private tours.

How to book your Vietnam holiday?

If this is your very first trip to this S-shape country or you do not have enough time to research all information about top things to do, best places to visit, and must-try dishes for yourself, consider having a Vietnamese tour operator to help you plan the trip.

How to get around Vietnam?

When you find yourself dreaming of visiting the land blessed by nature and predominantly rural, naturally one question comes to mind. What is the best way to get around Vietnam? Fortunately, new bus options and lots of new budget airlines to more places making it much easier to get around Vietnam than in previous years. With planes, trains, buses, and motorbikes, what is the best way to travel around Vietnam?

Motorbike – the best choice for adventure seekers

Motorbike in Vietnam

Motorbike in Vietnam

Motorbike for touring Vietnam is the most favorite option catering to the independent travelers. If you are interested in traveling slow to see the sights off-the-beaten-track, you can drive through Vietnam and take in the scenery that you otherwise might have missed.

If you are like a lot of vacationers going on a Vietnam private tour – who have a humongous list of best tourist attractions to visit, this could be tricky. Depending on how long you have overall, pick 2-3 of your group lists that you would like to see. Luckily, many motorbike routes in Vietnam planned out and well signposted to suit travelers, will lead you around a region's highlights, whether it is the O Quy Ho Pass from Lao Cai to Lai Chau, the Saigon – Nha Trang Route through Dalat, or Nui Sap – Tri Ton Route via Oc Eo, a town of archeological interest.

Airline – the fastest way to travel

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines

By far, airline is the fastest way but most expensive way to get around Vietnam. The main factors to consider when choosing an airline for a specific trip are usually the ticket price and schedule, but customer care and seating options all make an influence on how enjoyable your flight between destinations in Vietnam will be.

Companies like Vietjet Air and Jetstar offer mind-blowingly cheap flights throughout Vietnam. Vietnam Airlines – the flag carrier of Vietnam, meanwhile, has gained recognition and respect around the world for its first-class services. A flight ticket is, of course, more expensive than a bus ride but you will certainly get what you pay for.

In order to save money, plan an itinerary in Vietnam and book as early as possible – at least a month early to scoop up great deals! There are also regular sales, especially during the off-season. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which have an impressive variety of airline connections, tend to be the major gateway to Vietnam, but you can also easily start your journey from Haiphong or Danang, which are less crowded.


Thanks to a well-developed infrastructure of the trail system between Vietnam’s major provinces, it is quite easy to travel and tour Vietnam by train. It is a relaxing, comfortable, and romantic way to get around the nation.


Bus in Vietnam

Bus in Vietnam

Bus is the cheapest but in some cases, the most tiring way to move from one city to another. For example, a flight from Hanoi to Saigon takes 2 hours while a bus ride traveling duration is about 40 hours.

Researching and planning a travel to Vietnam can be quite fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Hope that our advice on how to get to and around Vietnam will help you plan the perfect trip to our beautiful country!