Vung Tau has been an attractive destination of Southern Vietnam for such a long time. Visitors enjoy coming here, especially on the weekend and holidays, beyond going to the beach to swim, you can do more interesting things. Today, we will introduce you who take Vietnam tour for couple some other destinations in this land.

Visit Statue of Jesus Christ

Located on the Tao Phung Mountain with the lighthouse, this statue is a tourist destination for the spiritual prominence of the coastal city of Vung Tau. The statue of Christ with stretching hands built about 176 m high compared to sea level should not be missed when tourists want to see Vung Tau from high above.


Statue of Jesus Christ – a must-see destination in Vung Tau

To reach the foot of the statue of Jesus, visitors must overcome the “challenge” with 800 steps. The statue of God is a combination of the unique architecture and the spiritual beauty of Christianity. The statue of God is built with the image of God reaching out his hand to protect all believers in the world. And his arms are also the point that will make visitors fascinated when admiring Vung Tau from here. Visitors can see the beautiful sea boulevard of Vung Tau City. Not only that, the small island on the far side is prominent in the blue sea as the jade will beautify the Vung Tau scene when viewed from high above. This attracts many visitors taking Vietnam tailor-made tour every year.

Exploring the lighthouse

With the age of more than 100 years (since 1910), the lighthouse in the coastal city of Vung Tau is one of the oldest lighthouses in Southeast Asia. Situated on a small mountain with a height of 170 m, the lighthouse owns a “beautiful” location with a bendable path along the rock from its foot to the top of the mountain. To go to the lighthouse, you can ride a motorbike or walk (it will take you about 1 hour). From the top of the lighthouse, you can admire the whole city of Vung Tau, Minh Dam Mountain in the distance, the winding Ha Long Road or the blue beaches below …


The lighthouse is an attractive spot for most visitors

To stand in the highest one, you have to follow the stairs leading to the lighthouse. From here, visitors can feel the fresh water of the sea, the smell of the sea breeze with the white porcelain flowers under the lighthouse. Seeing Vung Tau from the lighthouse will make visitors feel that human beings are so small in this endless nature. Also, you will find out the great peace of mind given by Mother Nature. It is worthy to be in your Vietnam honeymoon tour.

Visiting Worldwide Arms Museum

Follow the steep slope leading to the famous lighthouse of Vung Tau City, visitors will be overwhelmed by a house that looks like the new castle. This is the location of the largest private arms museum in Vietnam. Coming here, you will not only be impressed with the richness and variety of the weapons but also learn interesting lessons through the story notes which are written in both English and Vietnamese. Unlike many museums in Vietnam, at this one, you can feel the spirit of European history.


Gorgeous Worldwide Arms Museum is located on the way to the oldest lighthouse

If you are a collector for an ancient theme or you just enjoy contemplating historical artifacts, then come here and see with your eyes the largest collection of weapons invented by different continents in the world in different historical periods. The European and Oriental Arms Exhibition at the Museum offers you an excellent opportunity to recapture weapon evolution from the early pages of history to today as well as to compare the accomplishments of gunsmiths from places all over the world.

After visiting this place, you can come to a coffee shop and enjoy the panoramic view of Vung Tau as well. It would be an ideal spot for your best tours in Vietnam in the South, typically Vung Tau.

Watching dog racing in Lam Son Stadium

After a day of exploring the coastal city of Vung Tau, at night, you can visit Lam Son Stadium to immerse into the excitement of the unique dog racing here. This area is not large, so from the stand, you can easily observe the brave dogs competing together. In particular, you can also try your luck by buying tickets to predict the dog’s return with the amount of only tens of thousands. But it is truly interesting.


Brave dogs are competing together

Hopefully, with these places, you will have an unforgettable Vietnam tour for couple when traveling to Vung Tau City.