Exploring Van Giao Village, a great brocade weaving village in An Giang Province


Van Giao, a brocade weaving village

If you are planning to spend time in a wonderful village, Van Giao Village is an ideal suggestion for you. This is a brocade weaving village with many interesting things that you can explore. The followings will bring you to this destination to get one of the best tours in Vietnam.


Another corner of the village

Van Giao brocade weaving village is located in Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province. The brocade here is famous for the great beauty as well as typical for the cultural characteristics of the Khmer people. People also call the brocade with the name “Khmer Silk”- a unique product of the Khmer people for hundreds of years.


An impressive product

Although Van Giao Brocade is not well known as the brocade of the Cham in Ninh Thuan Province or Tan Chau Silk, it still attracts tourists by the special features. Therefore, Van Giao brocade is considered as the quintessential cultural products of the Khmer and increasingly popular in both domestic and international markets. A Vietnam tailor-made tour to Van Giao Village will absolutely be exciting with the new experiences.


Everyone is hard-working

Van Giao brocade is truly diverse with the harmonious color and delicate patterns. According to the artisans, this is due to the perfect combination between the traditional style and the modern technique. The unique characteristics about the dyeing technique of the village are to use the many kinds of traditional dyes made from the natural ingredients to get the smooth, elegant, and durable silk.


Silk Khmer becomes a favored product

The brocade weaving of the Khmer in Tinh Bien mountainous region appeared for hundreds of years. Coming to any corner of the village, you can hear the sounds of the looms which attract you to explore more. The sounds are one of the typical ones for Vietnamese culture in many regions. Thanks to the skillful hands, the creativity of the Khmer women, a number of brocade products such as handbags, handkerchiefs appear in many places and become a favored product for many people, especially women.


Van Giao becomes really famous

However, many years later, Van Giao brocade cannot be able to compete with the other textile products on the market. On the other hand, many weavers have to leave the home and go far away to earning money in other places, weaving brocade of Khmer ethnic minority disappears day by day.

Therefore, the government of An Giang Province has set up many proper measures to preserve and develop the village by finding the output for the products, establishing the weaving cooperatives, and support financial issues in order to restore the village. In particular, the province has invested 30 million VND to help the cooperative members building ̉60 new looms and organized the training courses to improve the skills for the weavers. At present, the cooperative includes 126 member households as well as many weaving complexes. Thanks to this, the brocade weaving in Van Giao continues developing rapidly and get much success in both domestic and international markets.


Silk Khmer join the handicraft village fair

Recently, Van Giao brocade was brought to the exhibition in the handicraft village fair in the country. It is offered and sold quite strongly with the positive reflections. For example, the price of each silk scarf with 5 inches wide and 1.8 meters long is 180,000-200,000 VND, each tablecloth or decorative painting is from 800,000 to 1,000,000 VND, and so on. Moreover, many tourists coming to this region stop in Sray Sa Koth to buy several products as a souvenir due to the “scented” Silk Khmer. This contributes to Van Giao brocade on going further and becomes popular with many foreigners. Thus, an essential Vietnam tour to the handicraft village cannot miss Van Giao Village.

Nowadays, Van Giao brocade is not only sold in our country but also exported to many other countries including America, Australia, France, Thailand, and Cambodia with the brand of “Silk Khmer”.

The above are several interesting things about Van Giao Village that you should know when spending time here. Hope that you will get the best tours in Vietnam with a lot of unforgettable experiences.