Ban Lac Village – the hidden gem of Mai Chau | Vietnam countryside tours

After the exhausting working time, city dwellers tend to seek ways to run away from the bustling life. The countryside is where they are heading to. Located just around 150 km from Hanoi, Mai Chau Valley, with its exceptionally tranquil and quiet vibes, is an appealing destination for Vietnam countryside tours. Spend your nights at Lac Village, Mai Chau to get close to nature, approach the rustic life of the local ethnic people, and blow your stress away.


Nestled around 150 km from Hanoi city center, Mai Chau is the furthermost district of Hoa Binh Province. It is located close to Moc Chau District of Son La Province and Pu Luong District of Thanh Hoa. These 3 destinations have acquired a huge reputation for their peaceful and rustic atmosphere, which is exceptionally suitable for countryside tours in Vietnam.

The peaceful scenery in “Ban Lac”

In Mai Chau stand 2 outstanding villages called “Ban Lac” and “Ban Pom Coong” (“ban” means “village”) – the home to different ethnic groups. The major population of Lac Village is the White Thai ethnic people, who have inhabited here for more than 700 years.

A peaceful ethnic village amidst the dreamy mountainous Northwest

Mai Chau in general and Lac Village, in particular, have become a haunted place for Vietnam countryside tours thanks to its spectacular landscapes and unique cultures. To reach Mai Chau from Hanoi, travelers will need to take a quite long trip along the winding road across the soaring mountains of the northwest. On your way, you will be left in awe by the marvelous mountains hiding behind the white clouds. It is so magnificent that you cannot stand yourselves from claiming how grand nature is.

Soaring mountains of the Northwest

Mai Chau holds different appeals in different periods of time in a year. While in the spring, the whole area is covered in the white of plum flowers and the pink of peach blossoms, the summer paints the town with the green from the vast rice fields. Autumn is the rice-ripening season while winter brings the feelings of a cold and mysterious western village.

Distinctive culture of the ethnic people

Innocent ethnic kids

What makes Lac Village even more appealing in the eyes of the passengers are its tranquil atmosphere and friendly ethnic people. The Thai people earn a living by farming and weaving. Every day, they put on their beautiful costumes and go farming or weave brocade, then bring their products to the market to sell for money or exchange for foods. They live innocently, friendly, and leisurely without worrying much about the life outside. Surely, their smiles will easily make you fall in love.

The houses on stilts

Paying Vietnam tours for family to Lac Village, it is a great opportunity for travelers to get a deeper approach to the culture of the local ethnic people. Here, there are no tall buildings and highways; there are just small stilt houses and rice paddies. The house on stilts is a distinctive feature of Thai people. The stilt houses are made from woods and leaves only, without any modern constructing materials. Each house consists of 02 floors. The 2nd floor is the living place of the family members while the 1st floor is the yards for other activities. Interestingly, according to the cultures of Thai people, when a boy wants to chase a girl, every night he will stand on the 1st floor and use a stick to touch the floor where the girl is lying as a signal to call her out for a date.

A chance to travel like a local

Nowadays, as the village is more popular with tourists, many stilt houses offer homestay services, enabling travelers to experience the daily life of the locals here. You can live in their stilt houses, try on their colorful traditional clothes, and sample their special delicacies. Also, you can follow them to the fields to try some agricultural works to see how their daily life would pass.

Campfire by night

More interestingly, when the moon is on, visitors will get the chances to participate in several ecstatic activities with the locals like singing around the campfire, practicing “nhảy sạp”- a traditional dance of Thai people, or taking a sip of “rượu cần” – their tasty wine. Immersing yourself in the joyful atmosphere of the festivals on a sparkling night in the valley, you will feel like your soul has been eased and all your stress has been blown away.
On the whole, Lac Village, Mai Chau is undeniably a worth-visiting place in North Vietnam. Enabling visitors to admire the majestic natural scenery and get closer to the special culture of the ethnic people, a Mai Chau trip is definitely one of the best tours in Vietnam that you should never miss trying.

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Top 10 sexiest cities and towns in Vietnam (part 2)

If you want to enjoy the best tours in Vietnam, the answer is pretty simple: go to one of the top 10 sexiest cities and towns in our S-shaped country. Hereunder is some cities and towns just having that special something about them.

Hoi An Ancient Town


Hoi An Ancient Town

A top ten list of the sexiest destinations to visit without Hoi An Ancient Town is a top ten fail. It is Hoi An Ancient Town on the banks of the poetic Thu Bon River. An exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port in the 16th and 17th centuries is also a town of seduction that is sure to make your heart beat faster before it steals it for good.

Start your morning at the Hoi An central market – the heart of the community, bat your eyelashes, smell the fish in the air while nibbling on a staple of Vietnamese cuisine like chao (savory rice porridge), noodles, rice, dumplings, banh mi, banh xeo (Vietnamese pancakes), and Hoi An specialty cao lau – a thick noodle soup of pork or seafood. Then, wash down with the traditional nước mía (sugar cane juice) before a 2-hour boat ride to Cham Islands from the ancient town. Watch the Hoi An Riverside lit by quaint and old-fashioned lanterns sparkle after sunset then dress up in your finest couture and enjoy a night of glorious views of Thu Bon River and the shopping experience with the plethora of affordable yet quality tailoring services.

Hue Ancient City


Hue Citadel

Picture magnificent temples, graceful pagodas, imperial tombs, and lovely locals with beautiful smiles and you have just painted yourself an image of Hue Ancient City – home to the old Kings of Vietnam – a highly-recommended destination by your Vietnam travel agency.

Set in from the coast on the picturesque Perfume River, Hue is also famous for its Royal cuisine and the city’s chefs among the most creative anywhere.

Da Nang


Da Nang

Da Nang’s architecture, museums, Ba Na Hill, Marble Mountains, and Temple of Lady Buddha are credited for luring all travelers on their Vietnam luxury tour in and its walkable, bar-dense neighborhoods for helping young sexy professionals find some after-hours fun in a full-fledged holiday destination.

However, it is not only the warm long sandy beach beneath your feet and the impressiveness of the scenery that make Vietnam’s most worth-living city sexy. The commercial and educational center of Central Vietnam is frequently voted one of the most liveable and friendliest cities in the world. This cosmopolitan approach, blended with a safe, laidback, and welcoming vibe and the amazing hospitality of people contributes greatly towards this vibrant Central Vietnam city’s allure.

Nha Trang


Nha Trang

Nha Trang should be among the sexiest cities in Vietnam first and foremost because of its sandy beach facing a stunning bay dotted with 19 islands and islets and surf culture, and the energetic up-for-it crowd coming with it. Chiselled and bronzed beauties can be found lazing under the rustling palms across the city’s sandy beaches throughout the summer months (from June to August), tasting the local delicacies right on the beach, and packing out the number one beach destination in Vietnam’s rich and varied colorful beachside bars, clubs, and seafood restaurants in the evenings.

However, it is not only the warm sandy beach beneath your feet and the beauty of the locals and visitors that make the Pearl of Vietnam sexy. The premier beach destination building itself up to be a force to be reckoned with, Nha Trang is also famous for being a region steeped in history with the lavishing nature and many cultural wonders of ancient ruins. Why not have your Vietnam tour operators plan a trip to the best-kept secret of the Po Nagar Cham Temple (these impressive Cham towers built in the 16th century still actively used for worship by Cham, Chinese, and Vietnamese Buddhists) or Long Son Pagoda (the White Buddhist Pagoda) – the pagoda retains Vietnam’s largest outdoor Buddha statue?

If you are looking for a Vietnam luxury tour, the top ten sexiest cities and towns might be a good bet.


Explore the National Parks in Vietnam

Vietnam is extremely famous for a large number of national parks all around the country. Why don’t you follow this article to get more information about some interesting parks for your Vietnam group tours?

Cuc Phuong National Park                                  

Established in 1962, Cuc Phuong National Park is the most ancient park in the country and becomes one of the best destinations for group tours in Vietnam. The park is situated in Ninh Binh Province, about 125 kilometers to the south of the central city of Hanoi.

The destination covers over 200 square kilometers of karst mountains, the tropical forest as well as some limestone caves where you can find a lot of historical significance such as historical tools and ancient tombs. Cuc Phuong Nation Park is also composed of a wide range of fauna and flora; many of them are even listed on the Red Book of Vietnam as endangered species.

In addition, the Endangered Primate Rescue Center was also built in 1995 inside the park. Now there are about 140 primates as endangered species which have been conserved in some vast enclosures in the natural park. The center was opened in order to take care of them and then sent them back into the wild, however, only some of them has been released because it is quite hard for them to adapt to the natural environment. There is also the Turtle Conservation near the Endangered Primate Rescue Centre. The main aim of the place is to conserve turtles which have been rescued from many wildlife trades. Moreover, when paying a visit to Cuc Phuong National Park, tourists will have a chance to experience 19 other species with detailed information about them which is displayed at the entry hall.

The ideal time to visit Cuc Phuong National Park, a destination of the best tours in Vietnam, is from March to May. At that time, you can enjoy the vivid view of nature because of the fairly hot and dry weather.


Cuc Phuong National Park

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

As one of the greatest spots in Vietnam group tours, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003. Located in Quang Binh Province, the park consists of the area of about 3500 square kilometers of mostly primary forest, in particular, the most ancient karst mountains in Asia. Phong Nha Cave, one of the longest systems all around the world was first seriously explored in the 1990s by the British Cave Research Association and Hanoi University.

Furthermore, Paradise Cave was found in 2005 and in 2009, Son Doong Cave was discovered by an exploration team. However, until 2015, the authority government allowed public access to these two cave systems. The park borders Laos’ Hin Namno National Biodiversity Conservation Area to create a special fence in order to protect the fauna and flora. Phong Nha is home to over 90 kinds of mammals, especially tigers, primate, elephants, and Saola – a rare antelope in Asia; 80 kinds of amphibians and reptiles and over 200 types of birds.


Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

Can Gio Biosphere Reserve

Located in the coastal area of Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio District in general and Can Gio Biosphere Reserve, in particular, is a low-lying land and are formed by a network of rivers and canals. When traveling to this interesting place, you can see the main types of habitat there are plantation mangroves which cover an area of 200 square kilometers meanwhile naturally regenerating mangrove 70 square kilometers. Rhizophora apiculata is the major mangrove species used to control salinization.

Besides, R. mucronata and seagrasses such as Halophyla, Thalassia, and Halodule species are also utilized in smaller levels. There are about 27 crustacean, 18 mollusc and 45 types of fish living in this area. As its name, Can Gio Biosphere Reserve is very crucial for the environment and habitat there. In detail, the sandbanks and intertidal mudflats play an important role in shorebird migratory. Moreover, the forest also keeps the coast stable, protect it from storm surges, and oil spills. Can Gio Biosphere Reserve is an attractive destination for tourists to come visit and study in their tour to Vietnam.


Can Gio Biosphere Reserve