The culinary quintessence of Cao Bang, Vietnam

Have you ever thought that you will spend your wonderful holiday in Vietnam, particularly in Cao Bang, a mountainous province in the Northeast, Vietnam? The destination is also considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the S-shaped country. Taking a visit to the wonderland, you will have opportunities to not only contemplate the breathtaking natural scenery but also enjoy a huge number of tasty specialties made by locals. Now, let’s start your Vietnam culinary tours with us and explore the 7 following provincial dishes to know how amazing Cao Bang cuisine is.

Dried Duck with seven kinds of spices

It can be said that the dish is always the first choice on the list of must-eat dishes in Cao Bang. The duck is feed and grown up in the local natural habitat instead of an industrial farm in developed cities. Therefore, their meat will be absolutely leaner and eaters still feel its sweet taste when they enjoy it. Especially, the unique character making the dish be different from the other duck plates comes from the local spices. The duck is marinated by the secret spices that only locals can plant and find in their forests.


Fried duck with the attractive color

After cooking, you can catch sight of the light yellow and crispy skin that is quite attractive. As you take a bite from a piece of fried meat, you will feel immediately the rich flavor of duck and the exquisite savor of spices in this area. I’m sure that you cannot forget its perfectly wonderful taste if you enjoy it just once.

Ant egg cake

You may think it is a really insane idea when Cao Bang people decide to choose such an ingredient to make a cake. However, as the local conception and recent scientific research, ants’ egg provides the huge amount of protein, which is extremely good for people’s health. In addition, thanks to the skillful hands of local women here, the cakes have not only the lovely design but also the incredibly yummy taste, which creates an unforgettable dish on Cao Bang food tour.


Ant egg cake – the must-eat specialty

The savor is made of the richness of ant egg, sticky rice, and even the regional leaves called “cay va”. All the material to make such a dumpling are local products grown up by people in here. Therefore, the dish can be called as the quintessence of Cao Bang cuisine when someone wants to know about the amazing place.

Lap xuong

The dish is likely popular in the almost mountainous Northeast area in Vietnam. Nevertheless, the lap xuong is especially delicious in Cao Bang, where is called the capital city of the dish. The cover is made of pig small intestine while the filling is meat grinded with local spices.

There is a special feature that the distinctive taste of almost specialties in Cao Bang is improved by the local condiment, and lap xuong is not an exceptional one. Even the recipe of food requires many skills as well as long time. After stuffing the meat filling into the pig intestine, people have to hang them above the cooking fire for three days. That’s the reason why tourists will feel the smoky flavor because of the Vietnamese traditional cooking ranges. You can ask the homeowners to buy it as the gifts after your travel to Cao Bang.

Xoi tram (Canarium steam sticky rice)

There are two types of canarium based on its color, the white and the black. The white type is often used to make jam, candy, and cough drug while the black one is usually made use of cooking, for example, steamed sticky rice. The local fruit takes on its rich along and attractive taste along with the high rate of useful components for human’s health.


Don’t forget to try xoi tram on your culinary tour

In detail, when travelers have a visit to Cao Bang in autumn, they will absolutely receive the chances to taste xoi tram, which is one of the staple food in here.

Pho chua Cao Bang (Sour Noodles)

Pho chua is not only the local specialty in Cao Bang but also in the whole of Vietnam. It is one of the most favorite food in this mountainous province when summer or autumn is coming. The Cao Bang noodles are softer and its taste becomes more wonderful because of dried meat, duck, and local chili.

Especially, although the main ingredient is noodles, the dish is served without the broth as you expect. Instead of it, you blend the sour sauce with noodles, which eater often call “masterpiece made by locals”. At the first time, you may feel little strange with its taste, but you may be addicted to the dish then.

Rau da hien

It is one of the rare vegetables that people can find only in North Vietnam, particularly in Cao Bang, Lang Son, Bac Can. Tourists should visit Cao Bang in spring or summer if they want to try the specialty. The vegetable cooked with beef, chicken always becomes the favorable plate for everyone. In the local parties, it is one of the indispensable parts in their menu.


Rau da hien – the gift of Cao Bang Nature

The flavor of this vegetable is described likely “the quintessence of forest in spring”, so it brings to eaters an appealing taste that is rich and pleasant.

It can be said that Vietnam travel will be a big mistake if tourists travel without enjoying local cuisine, in particular, Cao Bang. Not simply trying the regional dishes, travelers can understand more about their traditional culture and history after Vietnam culinary tours. So, why don’t you choose Cao Bang, Vietnam as the amazing destination for your next holiday? Believe that you will never regret this choice.