Ban Lac Village – the hidden gem of Mai Chau | Vietnam countryside tours

After the exhausting working time, city dwellers tend to seek ways to run away from the bustling life. The countryside is where they are heading to. Located just around 150 km from Hanoi, Mai Chau Valley, with its exceptionally tranquil and quiet vibes, is an appealing destination for Vietnam countryside tours. Spend your nights at Lac Village, Mai Chau to get close to nature, approach the rustic life of the local ethnic people, and blow your stress away.


Nestled around 150 km from Hanoi city center, Mai Chau is the furthermost district of Hoa Binh Province. It is located close to Moc Chau District of Son La Province and Pu Luong District of Thanh Hoa. These 3 destinations have acquired a huge reputation for their peaceful and rustic atmosphere, which is exceptionally suitable for countryside tours in Vietnam.

The peaceful scenery in “Ban Lac”

In Mai Chau stand 2 outstanding villages called “Ban Lac” and “Ban Pom Coong” (“ban” means “village”) – the home to different ethnic groups. The major population of Lac Village is the White Thai ethnic people, who have inhabited here for more than 700 years.

A peaceful ethnic village amidst the dreamy mountainous Northwest

Mai Chau in general and Lac Village, in particular, have become a haunted place for Vietnam countryside tours thanks to its spectacular landscapes and unique cultures. To reach Mai Chau from Hanoi, travelers will need to take a quite long trip along the winding road across the soaring mountains of the northwest. On your way, you will be left in awe by the marvelous mountains hiding behind the white clouds. It is so magnificent that you cannot stand yourselves from claiming how grand nature is.

Soaring mountains of the Northwest

Mai Chau holds different appeals in different periods of time in a year. While in the spring, the whole area is covered in the white of plum flowers and the pink of peach blossoms, the summer paints the town with the green from the vast rice fields. Autumn is the rice-ripening season while winter brings the feelings of a cold and mysterious western village.

Distinctive culture of the ethnic people

Innocent ethnic kids

What makes Lac Village even more appealing in the eyes of the passengers are its tranquil atmosphere and friendly ethnic people. The Thai people earn a living by farming and weaving. Every day, they put on their beautiful costumes and go farming or weave brocade, then bring their products to the market to sell for money or exchange for foods. They live innocently, friendly, and leisurely without worrying much about the life outside. Surely, their smiles will easily make you fall in love.

The houses on stilts

Paying Vietnam tours for family to Lac Village, it is a great opportunity for travelers to get a deeper approach to the culture of the local ethnic people. Here, there are no tall buildings and highways; there are just small stilt houses and rice paddies. The house on stilts is a distinctive feature of Thai people. The stilt houses are made from woods and leaves only, without any modern constructing materials. Each house consists of 02 floors. The 2nd floor is the living place of the family members while the 1st floor is the yards for other activities. Interestingly, according to the cultures of Thai people, when a boy wants to chase a girl, every night he will stand on the 1st floor and use a stick to touch the floor where the girl is lying as a signal to call her out for a date.

A chance to travel like a local

Nowadays, as the village is more popular with tourists, many stilt houses offer homestay services, enabling travelers to experience the daily life of the locals here. You can live in their stilt houses, try on their colorful traditional clothes, and sample their special delicacies. Also, you can follow them to the fields to try some agricultural works to see how their daily life would pass.

Campfire by night

More interestingly, when the moon is on, visitors will get the chances to participate in several ecstatic activities with the locals like singing around the campfire, practicing “nhảy sạp”- a traditional dance of Thai people, or taking a sip of “rượu cần” – their tasty wine. Immersing yourself in the joyful atmosphere of the festivals on a sparkling night in the valley, you will feel like your soul has been eased and all your stress has been blown away.
On the whole, Lac Village, Mai Chau is undeniably a worth-visiting place in North Vietnam. Enabling visitors to admire the majestic natural scenery and get closer to the special culture of the ethnic people, a Mai Chau trip is definitely one of the best tours in Vietnam that you should never miss trying.

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