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The Best Guided Tours In Vietnam

Are you planning to take a trip to Vietnam? Here is our list of best-guided tours that surely provide you the most enjoyable experiences while traveling in Vietnam.

Hanoi Street Food Tour

Hanoi Street food tour

Hanoi Street Food Tour (Source: Internet)

Hanoi Street Food Tour is a local travel company in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Not only is the company famous for street food walking tours but also food tours by scooters or cyclo. Hanoi Street Food Tour offers a number of private guided tours that surely fit your travel style, such as Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour, Scooter Food Tour, Hanoi Street food Veteran Tour, Cyclo Street Food Tour, Hanoi Cooking Class Tours… Choosing the tour, with only $20, you will have the chance to taste a lot of delicious Vietnamese cuisine and explore narrow, yet bustling streets around Hanoi. In addition to trying tasty foods, you will also learn much more about Vietnamese history, culture, and modern-day life. Hanoi Street Food Tour is a must try tour for every traveler.

Hanoikids Tour

hanoikids tour

Hanoikids Tour (Source: Internet)

Founded in 2006, Hanoikids is a volunteer tour guide club run by young, ambitious students who love Hanoi and want to help tourists from all over the world to have the best experiences while traveling to the city. The organization provides free tours for all of the tourists, and you, as a tourist, are expected to cover the expenses throughout the tour. For those who love to explore Hanoi and are inclined to gain a better understanding of Vietnam’s landscape, culture, and history, Hanoikids tour would be a good selection. Especially, you can freely pick places according to your time and your preference. There are different types of tours in terms of duration, places, time…

XO Tours

XO tour

XO Tour (Source: Internet)

XO Tours is a motorbike tour company in Vietnam which offers different unique and high- ranked tours in Vietnam for over 6 years such as “The Sight” tour, “The Foodie” tour, “Saigon by night” tour,… And “The Foodie” tour is maybe the most popular tour provided by the company. “The Foodie” tour is also an ideal choice for those who adore Vietnamese cuisine and want to explore more the beauty hidden behind those delicious dishes. Joining the tour, you will have the chance to discover the most popular street stalls in Saigon; and the tour guide will show you where in the city the locals love to eat. The special thing about this tour is that it is only available in the evenings when street vendors open for business. The price is reasonable, at $75 with unlimited foods and drinks and XO accident insurance.

Jack Tran Tours

Jack Tran Tours

Jack Tran Tours (Source: Internet)

Jack Tran Tours is a local Vietnamese fishing family-run business in Hoi An that provides you a privileged opportunity to experience the locals’ lifestyle and gain hands-on experiences of fishing and farming. Founded in 2005, Jack Tran Tours offer a lot of different private cultural tours to help you learn more about Vietnam’s cuisine and to allow you to immerse yourself in the way the locals live and eat. Joining the tour, you will attain full of memorable experiences and your trip in Hoi An will turn into a lifetime memory.

Le Family Rider

Le Family Rider

Le Family Rider Tour (Source: Internet)

The Le Family Rider Tour is considered as the most popular motorbike tour from Hue to Hoi An. The tour features a team of very experienced, friendly and funny riders who are always willing to provide you with lots of information and always try to make you feel safe while on the road. Especially, the route from Hue to Hoi An is very attractive, known for many popular attractions such as Elephant Spring, Hai Van Pass, Fishing village, Marble mountain, etc…; and you will easily decide on when and where to stop to admire the stunning scenery or get some fresh air along the way. The tour price is favorable, at around $58 per person, including safety equipment and foods.

Every guided tour mentioned above has its own special features and is different from each other in terms of location, type, and prices. Just pick one that best fits your travel plan. Don't forget to travel with explorevietnam so that you can discover many amazing destinations in Vietnam.