The largest cave in the World is undergoing its biggest threat

You might have heard of Sơn Đòong as the World’s most magnificent grotto that obtains one of the Earth’s most primitive ecosystem. It was freshly discovered back in the early XXI century by a local farmer. Dating back to 2009, the British Caving Association launched an official explore learning the cave. Since then, unlike any other caves in Vietnam, visitor number to Sơn Đòong is limited to only 500 people a year. However, an announcement was released in 2014 has placed this World’s precious hidden gem under its biggest threat.


Inside Sơn Đòong

How was massive Sơn Đòong recorded?

At its highest peak, the record has it that a 40-story skyscraper could also be accommodated. At its lengthiest width, a Boeing-747 is able to cross through. Inside Sơn Đòong Cave lied a whole ecosystem, if not to say a whole new world with the valley, mountain, and rainforest. The discovery of Sơn Đòong has rocked International attention and held a tempting aspiration for adventurous travelers.


Underground river

Why does Sơn Đòong need a good consideration?

Firstly, in terms of biology, mass tourism is definitely a fatal way to be introduced to such a vulnerable and isolated ecosystem like Sơn Đòong. Various fauna species whose body parts were evanescent due to the lack of Sunlight after generations. Hence, without eyes, their nervous system becomes extremely defenseless towards the light.

Secondly, in terms of geology, Sơn Đòong is located in between the country’s North-South natural crack. As a consequence, such massive construction if conducted atop of these cracks has a big potential of bringing negative impact, if not to say a huge danger to a precious cave like Sơn Đòong.


Only 500 visitors are allowed

#SaveSonDoong – A battle between young Vietnamese activists and local government

In 2014, social media was shocked with a local news informing a cutting-edge cable car system would be installed as a way to attract mass tourism aimed at Sơn Đòong, which lies inside Phong Nha – Kẻ Bàng National Park. Right after the news was released, a group of young activists launched a nationwide campaign known as Save Sơn Đòong. Up to now, the movement has spread on the large scale and appealed a huge support from the public.

#SaveSonDoong was officially founded on the 22nd of October, 2014 with its initial target is to clarify every information relating to Sơn Đòong. Hence, one of the activists’ main responsibilities is to anti-illiterate all those facts to the public in the most accessible way.

Within the past three years, another mission of the campaign was to bring the beauty of Sơn Đòong Cave closer to the rest of the World. In other words, the mission was born with a view to delivering a fact that mass tourism would surely bring in a fatal future to the cave. Because of such, spreading Sơn Đòong beauty to people’s eyes through social media could be a good way to reduce the desire of witnessing Sơn Đòong through a cable car system. In addition, contemplating such beauty of Sơn Đòong alongside with its precious elements and values, people would get to know the importance of saving a vulnerable natural topography like Sơn Đòong.


When the campaign spread widely

There are two primitive ways to conduct #SaveSonDoong campaign, which includes online and offline methods. On one hand, there is an archive of news, data, and clips through the use of social media channels. On the other hand, Vietnamese activists would hold several exhibitions, film shows, forums, contests and classes to raise awareness. One of the most cutting-edge innovation, VR (Virtual Reality) was functioned with a mission of bringing the beauty of Sơn Đòong to the public in the most real way. With this method, those who have not had a chance to travel to Quảng Bình, Vietnam would be introduced to Vietnam’s most valuable natural landscape.


National Geographic on air

The number of caves in Vietnam can round up to countless, while the World’s largest cavern ever recorded is one of which. Hence, #SaveSonDoong has been delivering its greatest function as a leader in saving a vulnerable gem of Vietnam in particular and the planet Earth in general.