Top 6 specialties of Nam Dinh that you definitely should try

Nam Dinh has long been famous for the traditional beef pho (pho bo) that you can enjoy anywhere along Vietnam. But Nam Dinh still has many other special dishes that not all people know. Therefore, today, let’s have a look at the top 6 specialties of Nam Dinh with hello Vietnam travel.

Black glutinous rice cake – Banh gai

Nam Dinh is the land of sweet black glutinous rice cakes. The most famous black glutinous rice cake in Nam Dinh is Banh gai Ba Thi. This is a traditional black glutinous rice cake that keeps the original flavor of the gai leaves and sticky rice.

The cake is a combination of diverse ingredients such as mung beans, meat, peanuts, lotus, coconut, etc. Just a little amount but all of them are enough to create a harmonious taste: sweet and fragrant. That is the reason why helloVietnam tour operator always recommends their tourists to try black glutinous rice cake during their Nam Dinh trip.


Ba Thi black glutinous rice cake

Hai Hau longan cakes (Banh nhan Hai Hau)

Many people tell hello Vietnam travel that they mistakenly think that longan cakes are made from the longan – a kind of fruit, but it is not true. Due to their round shape, golden color like longans, the people here creatively call them as longan cakes.


Longan cakes

Longan cakes are the popular dish, the snack food made from glutinous rice flour, eggs, sugar and lard. After being mixed with chicken eggs and water, glutinous rice flour batter is squeezed into small balls, they are fried in a hot pan, which is full of oil. White sugar is cooked until it melts, then people put the fried balls in the pan to have a sugar layer outside. How delicious and sweet longan cakes are depends on this layer.

Siu Chau candy (Keo siu chau)

When you enjoy the siu chau candy, you can immediately feel the scent of orchid flowers, the delicious taste of the Nam Dinh specialty. The technique to make Siu Chau candy technique is considered to be the culmination of peanut candy technique. To cook candy, the makers need to have skillful hands to keep the temperature stable and measure the weight of raw materials to make the Siu Chau candy.

Giao Thuy fermented pork balls (Nem nam Giao Thuy)

To have a delicious fermented pork dish, the makers must choose the freshest and best pork with no tendon or fat. After the purchase, the pork is dipped into boiled water to cook premium-rare and keep the sweet taste. The qualified “thinh” is not too burned and has a beautiful yellow color. The pigskin is shaved off the hair, cooked and then cut into slices like noodles.


Fermented pork balls

After having the necessary ingredients, people mix the meat, the pigskin, “thinh” along with the delicious fish sauce, garlic, pepper, chili, until they mix well with each other, then squeeze the mixture into big round balls. Do not need to preserve in the refrigerator, fermented pork balls can be kept up to several days. When eating, you just take the right amount, wrap into small pieces and eat together with the fig leaf.

Traditional beef pho (Pho bo)

Traditional beef pho is probably the most famous dish of Nam Dinh and the most popular dish in any Vietnam culinary tours. Today, this dish has been “spread” nationwide but perhaps only enjoying the beef pho in Nam Dinh itself can you feel the unique characteristics. The pho in Nam Dinh is soft and small while the broth has a distinctive taste according to the esoteric recipes of each family.


Beef pho

Siu pao cakes (Banh xiu pao)

According to many Vietnam travel reviews, siu pao cake is one of the delicious simple gifts of the Chinese formerly living on the Khach Street (now it is Hoang Van Thu Street and Le Hong Phong Street). The siu pao cakes look like the normal baked cakes but they are softer and more fragrant. They can be peeled off as thin layers and look slightly like pia cakes. The filling inside is chopped dark reddish-brown char siu meat mixed with wood ears, lard and half a boiled egg boiled egg.


Siu pao cakes

Those mentioned dishes are simple but very attractive because of its flavor. If you have the opportunity to come to this beautiful city, do not forget to enjoy all of them and they will definitely be attractive gifts for your loved ones.