What are Vietnamese’s favorite destinations in their own country?

The Internet may have brought you a lot of ideas and alternatives to where you should go at least once in your lifetime, and surely Vietnam must be on the chart. However, is it true that the Vietnamese themselves also pick the same sites that the Internet has recommended? Here reveal five favorite destinations inside the country of Vietnam that its citizens tend to love the most over the past few years, and chances are you may love to get them as your best tours in Vietnam too.


Thiên Mụ Pagoda in Huế

Quảng Bình

If you have caught sight of an article showcasing some gorgeous images captured inside the largest natural cave on Earth, chances are you must have heard about Vietnam and its hilly land, Quảng Bình, home to the biggest grotto in the World, Sơn Đòong Cave. However, it is not the only thing Mother Nature has granted for such special land. Are you a fan of the hight blue sky and the deep blue sea? Come over Nhật Lệ and Bảo Ninh beaches. Are you more of a mountain lover? Then Quảng Bình may introduce you its massive chain of woods and hills. These sneak through the iconic Chảy River, Moọc Stream, Phong Nha – Kẻ Bàng National Park, all gather to bring out the best essence of Quảng Bình to your eyes.


Inside Sơn Đòong

Landscape, once again, is not everything Quảng Bình has got. The cuisine system here comes in a huge diversity. Joining some best group tours in Vietnam to Quảng Bình, you would be offered many delicacies which include Bánh bột lọc (Vietnamese tapioca dumplings), Bánh xèo Quảng Hòa (Quảng Hòa pancakes), Cháo canh (porridge soup) and a lot more to come.


Quảng Bình delicacies

Ninh Bình

If Sapa is the King of the Northwestern land, then Ninh Bình must be the star of Vietnam’s Northeast attractions. Within only a few hours from Hanoi by train, you can easily get to witness an absolute primitive attractiveness of an ancient capital with a living gallery of mountain ranges, rivers, rice fields, and the painting-like infinite lotus ponds.


Tràng An Ninh Bình

Talking about Ninh Bình must-see attractions, do not forget to recall Tràng An Landscape Complex, Bái Đính Pagoda, Vân Long Lagoon, Thung Nham Bird Park, Tam Cốc, Múa Cave and way many more to be offered. Coming along with a new gust of traveling wind to this city, a wide chain of lovely rustic homestays showing up. If you are wondering what to eat in a lesser-known city as Ninh Bình, then do not forget to look for some goat meat, burnt sticky rice, fish salad, mountainous snails, fish sour soup and eel glass noodles.


Ninh Bình mountain goat meat

Phú Quốc

Phú Quốc – Jade of the South coast has been long known for its lengthy pristine seaside sitting right next to the pure ocean home to an enormous biodiversity. Gành Dầu Cape, Dinh Cậu Temple, Thơm Islet, Tranh Stream are not the only sites you can visit. Phú Quốc is so willing to steal your hearts with a huge diversity in nature smiley dwellers.


Mystic Phú Quốc

Phú Quốc is a paradise for both high-class visitors and backpacking travelers. Vividly located in the local market is a broad range of freshly-caught seafood such as Hàm Ninh saltwater crabs, herring salad, sea urchins, Mũi Ni shrimps, and the list goes on.


Within the past couple of years, UNESCO’s Heritage – Hoian Old Quarter has been emerging as a new sensation and usually ranked top in the chart of the best tours in Vietnam. Hoian is a lovely town appearing beside a poetic river under the shadow of the bright sunlight painting the chains of saffron-colored ancient buildings. Hoian is where you can almost feel the Oriental vibe of Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam all in one. Such little locality is about to have you saying wow with its symbolic architecture and amazing street food. Coming over Hoian, do not forget to wander around the city and find the best Bánh Mì and chicken rice in town.


Hoian in the sunlight


Hoian chicken rice


Last but not least, Huế is another Central city situated in the Southern face of Hoian. When the name Huế is recalled, Vietnamese tend to relate it to an utterly tranquil capital where the royal construction raised. In addition to diversified historical heritages, Huế does not lack any scenic natural gems to meet the need of various types of travelers. In this case, the beaches of Thuận An, Lăng Cô and Tam Giang Lagoon are the leading names.


Conquering Hải Vân Pass

One more thing not many people inside out of the country have not really heard of before is that such serene and quiet city like Huế surprisingly owns one of the most spectacular passes across Vietnam. Conquer Hải Vân Pass bridging Danang and Huế cities on a rental scooter is how you get to obtain the finest wild scenery into your eyesight from the upper route and do not forget to follow a local Vietnam tour guide if you want to sneak through the hills safe and sound.


Huế spicy beef noodles

Up and down the length of the country, there exist a lot of best tours in Vietnam besides those five above. However, the cities listed here showcase our Vietnamese’s most common choices either for a quick escape or a long-day vacation. Freely our picks and you will not be let down.