What do you know about lotus tea in Vietnam?

Lotus is considered to be the national flower of Vietnam. The beauty of the lotus is praised for its high, pure, unobstructed dust. It is also a symbol of Buddhism with the meaning of pure and innocent biochemistry. Vietnamese people choose lotus to marinate. Along with jasmine tea, flower tea grapefruit, etc. Lotus tea is one of the most popular tea in Vietnam. You should try it on your Vietnam all-inclusive packages.


Lotus tea

Lotus tea has become a typical spirit of Vietnamese tea culture, bringing in many philosophies, courtesy, and respect. An ideal place to enjoy traditional lotus tea is under the porch. Tea people sit on a wooden stump. Landscape, if any, looks like a lotus pond with the green wind. Tea drinkers can admire the scenery, write poetry and have a talk or meditation. You can ask Vietnam local tour operators to help you to set up a tea time like that.


Local people make lotus tea

To have a good tea, you have to pick just the young leaves quickly, lightly and never let the bud crumpled. Tea maker has to choose the good tea to marinate such as the ancient tea or tea in Thai Nguyen. Good quality tea must remain a certain amount of water from 5-7% in the tea leaves. Tea is not immediately marinated with incense, but it must be placed in the soil, on the banana leaves for about 20-30 days to reduce the chatter and to swell the tea allowing it to observe more fragrant. One kilogram of lotus tea needs 1000-1400 lotus flower to make. And the best lotus must be the one in Dong Tri, Thuy Su, Quang Ba, Ho Tay, which has one hundred leaf and unique fragrant that you cannot find anywhere else.

Lotus is picking up early in the morning when the sun does not rise yet, there is still slightly mist and the essence of heaven and earth still stuck in the stigma lotus. The lotus pollen is spread evenly with tea. Specifically, for each layer of tea, there is a layer of lotus pollen. Tea maker must repeat this step continuously for 7-9 times. For each time, the marinated tea will be dried again and again. Sophisticated like that but it is really worthy as you can drink lotus tea for dozens of time and still smell fragrant of lotus in the water. Try lotus tea must have a spot in your list of things to do in Vietnam, right?


You can go to Lotus pond to enjoy the tea

Perhaps this is the unique way to chill tea in the world. When the sunset is coming, the women ride a boat to the lotus pond, pick the smuggling lotus and put into that flower a small amount of tea. In the early next morning, when the sun has not shined on that lotus, the girls, again, ride the boat to get that tea. Tea is very fragrant with the natural aroma of heaven and earth throughout the long night. Also, the water used for tea is made from the early frost on the lotus leaf. This is the first natural tea.

And to discover the national culture with a Vietnam tour package from US, you will find that knowing about lotus tea is a great way to find out the unique part of Vietnam. Many years ago, the enjoyment of lotus tea was usually reserved for the aristocratic elderly and ordinary people do not dare to think of drinking tea whether it was just a good tea or jasmine flowers tea. Now, many people want to enjoy the right lotus tea, but to buy a lotus flavored traditional tea is really difficult. Partly because the marinated tea is gradually lost, partly because the price of tea is quite high, which is about 5-6 million VND / 1kg. But if you have a chance to enjoy the lotus tea once, then you will understand why the lotus tea is considered the spirit of tea culture in Vietnam. The color of the golden tea is like honey, subtle fragrance of the lotus.

A cup of aromatic tea is usually soaked with the taste of the pure aroma. People say “lotus live near the mud but not have a muddy smell”. And in lotus tea, you can only feel the sweetness of the lotus, delicious taste of tea and a little fragrance of early dew. It is surely a great specialty that you should offer on your Vietnam all-inclusive packages.