What to know when visiting Vietnam in the rainy season?

Even when you are not on the road traveling, raindrops still sometimes ruin your day. During the trip, rainfall is one of the top reasons that turn your excursion into a nightmare, especially once you are in such a far-away land like tropical Vietnam and your bag did not accommodate enough designed-for-rain items. However, owning a good preparation will turn this ordeal into an interesting adventure. Below are survival tips helloVietnam have sorted out before your trip to this S-shaped country takes off.

Pack your bags smartly

First of all, what you need is a large bag with good water-proof outer. Other than that, several small anti-absorbent covers are needed for your electronic devices such as camera, handphone and so on. You may also need some light and easy-to-wear raincoat and get a small umbrella available. Rainfall may not come with drops only, but a chilling weather as well. In this case, do not forget to pack with you a light scarf so as to protect yourself from catching a cold. A must-have medical gear including bandage, anti-insect spray or anti-biotic would play an essential part in such a case.


Bag with waterproof cover

Dress smartly

You may deal with a chance of catching the rain at any time during your trip when the rainy season arrives. Accordingly, what you need are light and easy-to-wear outfits such as tank-tops, shorts, T-shirt or skirt in replacement for heavy-made costumes. Vietnam local tour operators will advise you not to wear tight clothes in case of water soaking in, which will easily ruin your mood on the road. If your trip requires much movement, do not forget to pack some soft running shoes. Although a pair of plastic flip-flops would be the best idea when rain suddenly arrives.


Dress smartly for the rain

Make a priority for landmarks and tourist attractions located close to your accommodation

You are advised to reach for near-by sightseeing points situated within walking distance of your accommodation such as museums, exhibitions, amusement parks or historical buildings. Hence, you can save a good amount of money as well as get yourself stay safe and dry. In such specific cases when you are not capable of moving far, consider some cafeterias, restaurants or bistros around so as not to stay completely in your room all day long. With this choice, you can get to know more about local life and have a chance to taste their authentic food and beverage. Tasting native delicacies is also a highlight in many Vietnam travel reviews.


Dragon Bridge in Danang

Avoid heading to beaches or climbing mountains when the rain comes

During this time, rainfall and storms are so unpredictable, especially for a complicated-topography country like Vietnam. If you are planning a trip to the seaside or mountainous highlands, consider putting it aside and save it for a better moment. Trekking and hiking are totally not recommended. If you are already making a trip to the beach, do not think of getting on the boat or heading out to the islands.


Avoid trekking when rain falls

What is the rainy season in Vietnam?

As said, Vietnam was formed with the presence of three main regions, North, Central, and South. Northern season welcomes rain during its summertime, which lasts from around May to August. Meanwhile, Central Vietnam witness rainfalls and regular storms between July and October. Southern Vietnam is pretty phenomenal across the country when it comes to rain, with long-lasting rainfalls occurring mostly each day. The rain season in Southern Vietnam comes around May and leaves when November arrives.


Hoian in the rain

Why are you reading this? Traveling in the rainy season seems to be an absurd idea, yet it holds in itself a great fun, especially for those who love to travel like a local. Rain seasons in Vietnam give you a chance to witness the truest daily life of Vietnamese local and get to experience in the same way natives do. Visiting Vietnam during these times is also a good chance to save a big sum of money as most of the services are at its lowest. With our advice above, helloVietnam, a trustworthy Vietnam tour operator is ready to be your best local companion that makes your trip go with more fun even if rainfalls are around.